Wheelchair Freestyle – Wheelz – Gnarly!

Watching this video I felt inspired by this man who saw no limits to what he could do. I love the DevinSuperTramp Videos because they are amazing to watch and makes you want to be in them and do what he was doing, but this video touchs you in a different way. This young man didn’t let life stop him from doing what he wants to do, and he is more determined then 90% of people out there including myself.

Black Ox Skadeboard

I’ve have always been a fan of Black Ox from back in the day, and while roaming the vast archives of Vimeo I stumbled upon this fantastic video. I am really amazed how people can put simple videos such as this together, I am one person who lacks the skills to do this but I do enjoy watching it. I prefer the quality of Vimeo movies to that of every other online media such youtube and dailymotion.