GulfRun 8 – Racing Around Bahrain


This is probably one of the funnest racing events I have been to yet, a very large selection of very scary machines on the track with a lot of surprises. Prepping these machines for the track takes time but it will pay off when you abuse the hell out of it on the track, and some of them perform smoothly, and some just can’t take the abuse. There were a few machines didn’t finish all the events, but I loved how pumped up everyone was.


I enjoyed the Outer Circuit & GP Circuit a lot, I was going around and the outer circuit and I can tell when my brakes give out. A few hot laps, then one cool down, and then I left the car cool down for about 20 minutes before hitting the track again. The Audi R8s were out to kill, these guys abused the hell out of their machines and GT3RS’s were extremely competitive this time around. Then there were the GTRs, these beasts are scary on the track, they hold well on the corners and take off on the straight line, the Japanese knew how to build them. The surprise is always with the Mitsubishi Evolution, you have no clue what they are going to do and this time around they more then performed, it was impressive. Black & Yellow Evo’s stood out the most.


At the end of the day we are all exhausted and go to the Sofitel where about 90% of the drivers are staying so we practically took over the hotel. You find drivers in the lobby & restaurants, its a lot of fun getting together with everyone like that, and then there were a few guys who brought their motorcycles. Personally I wish I had my bike with my but I don’t have the time at all to ride around town, too many things to do and to take care off, and after the meal all I want to do is pass the hell out.


Next day on the GP Circuit was a lot of fun, I loved those corners and I have to admit it does drive me nuts when another car passes me. Still I catch up with them on the straight, but this year it was different. This year it was another level of machines, a 500 bhp car is not as impressive as it used to be there are scarier machines with tuned suspension to attack the track, its not all about the engine. I for one enjoyed abusing the scooter around the track.


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GulfRun 8 Car Show @ 360 Mall

I always look forward to the Car Show in 360 Mall, I have participated in all of them and spending most the weekend there is pretty entertaining. It also helps that Open Flame Kitchen is right there, so we had lunch and dinner there pretty much every day, and breakfast and Laduree which is really good. This time around the guys were even more organized then before, cars were put in efficiently, and it was quickly done, then they started setting up the lights and all the other stands to get things going for the Car Show.

What I love about it is the unique machines that are placed there and the number amazing machines. The funny part is that there are about 20 more machines that aren’t placed there because there isn’t enough space but I still liked the selection. I do love seeing those KTM XBows they look like they came out Batman’s cave, very cool looking machines. I picked up a few GR hoodies this year since they were flying off the racks, and got all my GR ID’s and gear. I’m curious to see how the McLaren MP4-12C & Italia 458 do on the track since they are known as track machines. But there are also a lot of heavily modified Japanese Machines so we shall see how that goes. Also one of the best part of the car show is seeing the reaction of the kids, some of them really thought the XBow as the Batmobile, and they either like specific brands or they love specific colors. The Black Nissan GTR with the Red rims attracted a lot of people and especially kids.

The beast that was parked on its own requires to be mentioned, an Underground Racing LP1500-4, heavily modified suspension and brakes, this is far from a normal machine and it even sounds scary when you start it up. This is the first time I have seen a Gallardo with a roll cage built into it, you can’t tell by looking at it, only when you open it up. It is an excellent piece of machinery.

The best part now to GulfRun is coming up, Bahrain International Circuit from the 24th until the 25th of January. Lets just hope all the machines make it there, its going to be quite a scene to see all these machines on track. Usually I take it easy when I start but that isn’t always the case, but lets hope I get some good timings on the track.

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Slider Station – The Beast Challenge

Slider Station is one of the best Burger Places in Kuwait, I do love their recipes and their huge selection of burgers. I haven’t been there in a little while due to being busy and not feeling like driving too far to eat, but the other day I had a chance to eat since it was right after a meeting. With the weather getting nicer and nicer the outside patio area was packed, no seats available. At that point I was so hungry that I didn’t care where I sat, so we sat upstairs and ready to order.

I quickly went through the menu and I felt like a regular burger and a rib eye quesadilla, the quesadilla seemed enticing, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We also ordered an assortment West Coast, Dynamite, and Midnight Sliders. When the food came I pounced it right away, I was hungry as hell. The burgers came out first, and they brought out the Rib Eye Quesadilla which was the best and freshest Quesadilla I have had in a while, it was really good and the Rib Eye was genius, if you haven’t had it then you should try it. As I was walking to wash my hands after the meal was annihilated, I saw this large list called “THE BEAST CHALLENGE” and I don’t even know what is that challenge, I didn’t think of asking what it was when I was walking out but I have feeling I will be trying it out. There was a list of people on it, I wonder if that means they were successful or just tried.

(All Pics with HTC Desire Android)

GulfRun – 360 Car Show

GulfRun @ 360 Mall was one the best car shows that I have seen in Kuwait yet. The number of assembled cars was fantastic, a number of interesting machines in the show, my favorite being the Porsche 995 Gemballa, that is a true racer, a monster of a machine. I like it was separated, I was thrown on the German side next to my twin sitting next to my M6, looks like its going to be an interesting race this year with such a variety of machines.

The machines I worry about the most are those Mitusbishi Evolutions, they are machines to be feared. The way they look has no indication of what can be under the body, some can be monsters at 600+ bhp and others can handle like go carts. Then there is that Nissan GTR which looks really good in red, I’m curious what the Mercedes SLR is going to be doing on the track against all these machines, then there is the other 20 cars which weren’t at the car show since they were getting worked on.

The booths were filled with some sponsors, the most active being Wataniya Airways with their airline staff handing out the Diwaniya Membership program, then Wataniya Telecom, Huperoptic had an interesting stand with all the types of tint, then there was Dent Xpress who were catering to all their customers. I was at the GulfRun booth taking some t-shirts for keeps for later, and I go my hands on the hoodie that I wanted. I talked to so many people over those two days I lost my voice the next day. I can’t wait until 360 Mall opens all it’s shops, it is taking some time, I’m assuming that they will all be open by this summer at least. Thanks to (Bassem @ Wataniya Telecom for the photo)

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Falafel & Company Opens Today

I get pretty hungry through out the day, I keep thinking about when the next meal is going to be. Got me thinking, Falafel and Company opens up today and I remember they had amazing shawarma, I might pick up some on the way home later at night from the family engagement. Now I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that the Seef Strip won’t be packed and there will be some parking, because I want to get down and check out their menu to know what I’m ordering.

Falafel & Company Soft Opening

A friend called me for the soft opening of Falafel & Company from the same owners of Slider Station and its right next to it too. I wasn’t that hungry and the place was packed, I ‘m not that much into falafels but they had everything else, I was happy to see the two shawarma machines running with beef on one and chicken on the other. There were some hot and spicy sandwiches being made, some really interesting creations, I took one bite from one sandwich and tried the other one sitting all by itself.

The sandwiches were amazing, what I loved was the fresh juices being served. I kept having the Apple juice, red apple to be exact it really hit the spot. The place isn’t that big you go pick up your food, and you have A LOT of choices for the types of sandwiches and salads, the best part about these sadwiches is the fresh breakd they use, its more like a saj that they cook first then they use for the sandwiches.

The design of the place is really cool, feels just right, you go in you get your sandwich you can stand outside and eat it or take it home. Its got a cool industrial funky style to it, and everyone was standing around talking and a few people were being introduced. I ran into Mark there and met the Buzberry guys, you could see people snapping away with the cameras.

Later I got a little hungry and ordered a plain beef shawarma, and to say its probably one of the tastiest I have had in Kuwait. It was just right, not greasy at all, tasted fresh and really hit the spot. Can’t wait for the grand opening in a week or two, now I have another choice for food when I want to chill and watch a movie at home.

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