TV Marathon

Every once in a long while do I have a day that I do nothing but watch TV shows and this Friday was one of them. From 1 pm until 11 pm, all we did was watch shows, we literally didn’t move from our spots except for food. It was the laziest day that I have had in a long time and it was perfect, and lots of good shows to watch. Everything was new except for Smallville, that is the one show we were catching up on. A great combination of action, comedy, and adventure for the day and they were all great shows and I’m looking forward to more episodes.

The List:

  • 2 Episodes of Fringe
  • 6 Episodes of Smallville Season 9
  • 3 Episodes of Hawai Five-0
  • 2 Episodes of The Defenders
  • 5 Episodes of Outsourced

World’s Finest – Superhero Mashup

I think the video speaks for itself, the fans have spoken, and if I didn’t know any better this would look like the real thing. Parts pulled together from The Dark Knight, Smallville and other media sources to make Batman/Superman trailer. This trailer features Batman (Christian Bale) and Superman (Tom Welling) teaming up to bring down the Joker and Metallo (Brian Austin Greene) while Lois Lane (Erica Durance) gets caught in the mix. I think that DC Comics should hear the calling of the fans to make for the ultimate and legendary team up Batman and Superman, damn this would be cool for this to work out.

Smallville – Absolute Justice

They have taken Smallville up another notch, I like how they made Superman a dark superhero and now they are going into the Justice League or should I say the Justice Society. I’m not sure what they may have in mind but I’m just crossing my fingers so that they it doesn’t look tacky, a lot of people hold some of these heroes to a high standard we just hope they manage to carry this characters over well on a network tv show. The trailer looks interesting and Hawkman looks like a mean mofo.