Smoking Sheesha is that Bad

I’m the type of person that really hates the smell of cigarette smoke, I detest it, I’m the guy that enforces non-smoking at work and at home and if friends are over. Sheesha is just a whole other category, and the producers of the tobacco out of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Saudi, and Kuwait are not regulated for any healthy regulations at all such as cigarette manufacturing companies, not that those are better either. Sheesha is a whole different matter all together, the smell of a sheesha makes my stomach turn, the stench at those cafe’s makes me dizzy.

There is very little research about the effects of sheesha on one’s lungs but now BBC has published some interesting information about Sheesha being more damaging to people then heavy smokers of cigarettes. High levels of carbon monoxide can lead to brain damage and unconsciousness, and that results from cigarettes and sheesha but with sheesha its a lot higher concentration from one session. People have this misconception that its safer since its being filter through the water but that isn’t really the case. Strangely these days there are more and more women smoking sheesha then before, for Lebanese, Egyptian, and Syrian women its more a norm but lately in the Gulf you see more women smoking then before which is surprising. This is even happening in Western Cities such as London, New York, Los Angles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Miami, all these new Sheesha/Hookah bars popping up all over the place even with the smoking bans in place, permits can be acquired. It isn’t nice seeing a girl smoke a sheesha, and for me seeing a girl smoke a cigarette is a huge turn off, there breath would stink afterward, and a lot of guys have the same opinion, pretty much anyone who smokes and has that smoker’s breath is disgusting, and covering it up with perfume just isn’t really working.

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Link: BBC News

No Smoking Everywhere

This is my first time to visit Singapore and it won’t be my last, I have never seen a city such as this. Every person I spoke to was helpful, they are a mix of peoples, and I was impressed by the system and the attitude. It seems there is a level of bureaucracy which makes things a little difficult for people, but corruption seems to be kept in check. I didn’t know it was this small, I always thought that Singapore was a big country, but turns out its tiny.

The best part about it was that the whole country has a rigorous ban on smoking, the rule is simple no smoking is allowed in any air conditioned location. I had a coworker with me who couldn’t smoke anywhere, he was only smoking in designated areas and they were far and few, and it was pretty humid outside. Everywhere just felt so fresh without the smell of cigarette smoke, I wonder how this type of application would work with us, we have the rules but its not really applied. Even in the airport they had a smoking location which was outdoors but setup very nicely with a very tropical feel to it. But most everywhere else had little to no smoking areas, that even includes hotels very few rooms were allocated for smoking and because of the Expo the hotel was at full capacity so no smoking rooms were available. I was enjoying how my friend was being affected by the rule, and not having to deal with the smoke.

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