DropSnap – Must Have App For Android

DropSnap Instantaneously Syncs All Your Android Device’s Photos to Dropbox. I am the type of person who is constantly snapping pictures with his phone but then I have to choose which pictures go to Dropbox and manually select them all and upload them. It was a very tedious process, but luckily someone thought the same thing and did something about it. The only way I could think of uploading my pics to my PC without connecting my phone to it was through DropBox and someone had the same idea but created a software to do what I was doing manually.

The moment you snap a picture it is saved to a photodirectory directory in your Android phone which DropSnap syncs automatically to a folder inside of DropBox. You have several options about how many times a day you can sync, if you want it only over Wifi or also over 3G, but I stuck to wifi because I’m usually connected to wifi where ever I am. DropSnap is a free download, but requires a $3.99 in-app purchase for automatic uploading to work. If you stay with the free version, you’ll get a notification every time you take a picture, which will let you enter the app and manually sync your photos.

Link: DropSnap

Browser Hacked – Yandex.RU Hack


I am very careful with my machines, I update them constantly and I do regular scans. Sometimes some software crashes or a machine crashes, that happens every once in a while. But I am very careful of what I install or download, so when something weird starts happening I go into lock down mode. The day before my machine was acting fine when the next day any website I enter gets redirect to “Yandex.ru/blahblahblah” I didn’t know why. Some websites would stay but regular websites get redirected.

Googling it on the infected machine was useless because it kept getting redirected so I used a different machine to Google if this happened to anyone. Turns out there is a hostile bot that hijacks websites and automatically redirects them to Yandex.ru which is a Russian search engine/mail provider.

First Step:

  • Turn Off All Add-Ons on Firefox and Chrome
  • Run AVG Virus Scanner & Windows Maleware Defender


  • The scanners didn’t find anything and the websites didn’t find anything

Next Step:

  • Update Windows, Firefox, Chrome, AVG Definitions, Windows Defender, Chrome & Firefox Add-Ons, Flash, & Java


  • Still getting redirected

Next Step:

  • Deleted All Cookies, Cleared All Forms, All History from Chrome, Firefox, & Internet Explorer


  • Thing went back to normal

I won’t lie I was a bit freaked out after each step and I was getting pissed, I thought some random Russian was messing with me and I wanted to punch him. So these are the automatic steps that I took and luckily things cleared up. And usually if worse comes to worse, I would format the machine after trying everything, I would have gotten paranoid that somebody really got into it, but it didn’t reach that point.

iTunes & iCloud Confusion


Is it just me or all the updates to iTunes is confusing me, so many updates with iOS 5.0 but it didn’t go as smoothly as everyone wanted. Apple has been on the for forefront of fusing media and technology, but with the introduction of iCloud there was a bit of a confusion and with iTunes match its even more confusing.

I for one use iTunes for all my music and purchase music when its available and get it through other means when I don’t find it on iTunes which is only 20% of them time. With iCloud you can move your library to iCloud instead of your computer which is good, but your limited to 5GB which is bad and then you have to purchase the rest on a yearly basis. I can understand that but then there are the other kinks, it backs up everything such as documents and files but it has to be a Mac Made file so doesn’t back up files from other devices or formats. And iCloud only works with Apple devices and nothing else, which can get frustrating with dealing with other devices. If you switch on iCloud storage for iOS device it would automatically erase all the media on your phone which they don’t warn you about. iTunes match is another thing now, it matches the music you have to that on the iCloud and if it isn’t bought from iTunes they try to match it which is pretty good but it is a bit on the confusing side how to activate it for your machines.

Seriously too many changes between iCloud, iOS5, and now iTunes match. I’m waiting for the dust to settle on this to see how exactly I can comfortable use it with my iPods.

Review: Blackberry 9900

After using the phone for the past 10 days I have really put it through its paces, overall I really do like the phone except for a few small issues which I am overlooking because its a pretty good phone. And its now getting released around town for 190 to 200 KD and the carriers will have the soon with packages, if you are looking to upgrade your blackberry then this is a decent choice.


  • Excellent Screen
  • Very smooth Operating System, OS 7 has made the right kind of improvements
  • Excellent Browser
  • Thinner then all the other BBs
  • Nice Carbon Fiber and Rubber Back, doesn’t slip from your hands and can slide on a table if you want it to
  • Excellent quality build
  • 8 GB internal Memory
  • Very nice Keyboard, feels very good when using it, nothing beats a Qwerty keyboard
  • Loud Speaker, had to lower the volume because it was too loud
  • Charges very very quickly


  • Lighter then the previous Bold and Touch but still a bit heavy
  • Crappy Camera – No Autofocus
  • Crappy Battery, barely lasts 6 to 8 hours from normal use, but if you switch off 3G and keep it 2G only it increases to 10 to 13 hours
  • Price – A bit on the high side

Overall I am very much liking the Blackberry 9900, its smooth, very well built phone from Blackberry. But what I found surprising is that it doesn’t have autofocus which is a very big disappointment. Battery life isn’t that good, I think we all got used to crappy battery life from all the new phones, when a while ago all the phones had two to three days worth of use, to get decent battery life from your phone you have to switch off 3G and it will easily last the day. Overall this is a decent phone with a few drawbacks that I mentioned, but Blackberry has to do a lot better then this to win people over. Their operating system has improved but they need to change their tactics because they have lost a lot of ground to Apple and Android.


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Windows 7 Short Cuts


Using Windows 7 so much I have come across a lot of tips to quicken and ease the use of the OS, and below are my favorite set of shortcuts that I use throughout the day.

  • Windows Logo + L – Locks your computer
  • Shift + Delete – The file is gone and even bypasses your recycling bin, you can’t even recover it
  • Alt + 6 – To see all the windows you have open
  • Shift + Ctrl + N – The easiest way in Windows 7 to create a New Folder in your current window
  • Windows Logo + M – To minimize all the open windows, so you can clear your screen
  • Windows Logo + Shift + M – To bring back all the minimized windows
  • Windows Logo + Spacebar – All the windows turn transparent and you can see your desktop, just in case you dropped something there and you wanted to look for it without having to minimize anything
  • Windows + Shift + Left or Right Arrow – A lot of people have dual screen setups, this will move your current active window left or right depending on your choice
  • Windows + T – You scroll through the current active programs and windows on the taskbar, very useful to find a specific active window

Pandora On The iPad – Location Annoyance

I always enjoy listening to Pandora, entering the artist I like and then listening to music from that genre, getting some new songs, old songs, and some songs I never heard of. I always knew they had a location restriction, I tried listening to them online or from other devices like my Sonos system but it never worked, but for some reason it always worked on my iPad and I loved it. Especially that I have 3G I could stream it and listen to it all the time, from any location. Now since the last update to Pandora it comes with the screen that says we can’t stream due to your location and that annoyed the hell out of me.

Luckily the way to circumvent that is using a VPN and in my case StrongVPN. Having a VPN on does slow down your connection a bit but in this case its audio so luckily it wasn’t affected and I couldn’t hear an degradation in music quality.

Gmail MailBox Overload

Recently I got a warning from Gmail that I am reaching my mailbox limit, I never thought that I would hit the 7GB mark but it seems years of not deleting any files has resulted in a large pile up of files. I still search through old files for information and I love that I don’t have to delete, I know that I have files which are unnecessary so luckily this post was shared by a friend on GoogleReader so it was perfect timing, talking about an online application called FindBigMail which integrates with your Google Account.

The software solution works very simply, you just enter your Gmail address, even works with domains registered with Gmail apps. After you authorize FingBigMail to sort through your account, it goes through it to check for files sizes. It categorizes files bigger then 2MB, Bigger then 500 KB, Bigger then 100 KB, and small. Each one of these search factors is created as a label in your Gmail and files are sorted into automatically which makes it extremely easier to delete files with attachments that you don’t need any more. After I did that I managed to free 500 MB right away, and the rest I need to think if I want to delete them or not, I’m taking my time with them. This is the best application to help clean up your mailbox.

New Gmail Labels:

  • FindBigMail – Top 20
  • FindBigMail > 2MB
  • FindBigMail > 500 KB
  • FindBigMail > 100KB

Link: FindBigMail

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Sonos iPad App

Sonos is the best premiere music system that you could ever want, integrates with almost everything last.fm, Rasphsody, Sirius XM Radiio, Rhapsody, Pandora, and all other music services. That doesn’t include it’s great music integration with iTunes, all your playlists, with album meta data and album covers. Now Sonos have released their new iPad Application which is amazing on the iPad, full integration, control of every aspect of this system. I have one in my room and on in the diwaneya, I like listening to music whenever I’m working on something. The Sonos Application is fantastic on the iPad, its very smooth interface and excellent integration. Sonos is a bit slow with advancement at times but when they release a new product or software it’s always a solid and excellent product. If you don’t have the Sonos system you really don’t know what you are missing out and the iPad application is an amazing addition to this music system.

Best Antivirus


I’m surprised how many machines I see without antivirus, the first thing I take a look at is for any installed software and usually I find nothing. It’s one of those initial preventative steps to protect your system from any damage at a later point.


It was the best for a long time, so good that it from being a free antivirus to one you had to pay for. It seems to always keep your machine updated and on top of most of the little bugs that bother your machine. I have seen it block out quite a few viruses that come through outlook or downloading attachments. They do have a good internet suite which also protects you fro malware and other problems as well. So if your going with the paying option then Kaspersky is your best option.



AVG is the best free antivirus software out there period, I have tried a few it’s always updated and works lightly on your system. It works stabely without bothering your system at all, and it always automatically scans your USB and many time I have plugged other people’s USB’s to find malware and virus, it cleans them out and makes them accessible which is great. Every system must have it installed if you don’t have one in the first place.

I would avoid any McAfee or Norton Symantec software out there, it messes with your machine’s registery and always becomes slower. Some how the machine never recovers from an install of McAfee or Symantec install, if you try pulling it out it seems like it trys to do as much damage as possible before leaving your system.