Google Wave – Gone


I don’t think anyone has been using it except for the first month or two that it was out, I tried using it and seeing if it could be useful but damn it was annoying. You didn’t know which panel you were on and who was talking to who, jumping into big conversations or collaborations was confusing. Google tried to make something that people can use as a tool but it didn’t have the right type of integration to enjoy using it. Then they brought Buzz which I think is fantastic because its simple integration but they got it a bit wrong by forcing people to use it right away with all settings set to open, so that took some time to fix. Google had a few hits and misses but its great they keep trying to make these interesting products, but its good that Google is dropping Wave.

Link: Gizmodo

Sync Toy 2.1

I have been using this Sync tool for over two years now, Sync Toy is a tool developed by Microsoft just for fun. Its not really supported by them but they have made decent improvements with it. Been using it since version 1.4, to 2.0, and now 2.1 which is a huge leap forward in comparison. A lot of features have been added and bugs have been fixed. The best tool I have found to sync drives or folders with lots of files and subfolders inside of it with little issue and lots of customization is Sync Toy. I needed it to Sync the different folders between the WHS Hazmat Server and the WHS Hazard Server. One will balance the other in file storage which won’t require any need for file duplication. It now supports 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems, works locally on a machine and across networks.

The first folder I needed to Sync was my Anime folder which is 2.49 TeraBytes of media, this is to be done across the network. Testing the file transfer it would transfer between 78 MB/s to 86 MB/s between both the machines so I start the transfer earlier in the evening for it end the next afternoon. Overall its the perfect free tool from Microsoft for all Syncing purposes, two-way sync, or one-way sync and lots of other combinations available.

Link: Microsoft Download


We all have lists of softwares that we install when first installing a new machine, and for once there is software that simplifies the the whole process. Ninite is a free service with a large choice of softwares to choose from, ranging from applications, plug-ins, NZBGet, utilities, and others listed below. Usually the process of downloading and installing each software one by one takes a lot of time, even though you are satisfied once your done, but Ninite is a one-step application that does all the work for you, installing them all in one go and configuring your machine, I already tried it on laptop I reformatted and it was fanastic, really quick and simple, I just chose the programs I wanted and it let it go to work. It works with XP, Vista, and Windows 7, you can also make requests for other applications that they will add in the future, right now they have a decent selection of applications and very fun and satisfying to use.

Categories to Include in Your Install:

  • Web Browsers
  • Messaging
  • Media
  • Imaging
  • Documents
  • Anti-Virus
  • RuntimesFile Sharing
  • Other
  • Utilities
  • Compression
  • Developer Tools

Link: Ninite

Chrome @ Bust


  • 74 Tabs
  • 14 Windows

(Click on the image below for a big picture)


Between all these windows and tabs, Chrome was eating away at the power house of machine. I only built this machine a little over a year and a half ago with the best specifications, and with everything that is running, including an FTP program and a few other programs the machine is running on its last breath every time. I honestly like seeing when its about to crash, its interesting how they built the program to be independent of the other, and every once in a while the Shockwave plug-in crashes, but that doesn’t crash the other tabs. What I find surprising is that Google Chrome uses more Ram then any other browser, it separates the processes so you have many processes taking chunks of ram which add up to a lot, but Firefox takes one huge chunk. Overall I still think that both Chrome and Firefox are excellent browsers, with Chrome being the lighter and faster one.

iPhone/iPod Touch: Disk Aid

The annoying part of the iPhone and iPod Touch is having to use iTunes to make any changes on it. But this piece of software helps resolve a lot of these issues. Turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into an external HD so you can drag and drop files into it, music, video, documents, pictures, anything. It doesn’t require Jailbreak to work with your iPod Touch/iPhone.

Link: Lifehacker

Drive Spacio

I have been looking for a simple piece of software such as this for some time now. I have a very good idea what files are taking up space but this software puts the drives and folders in perspective, you can keep drilling down into folders and subfolders, giving you nice pie charts or bar charts. One of the drawbacks is that you can’t open the folder directly from the software, you would have to go through explorer. Just a useful tool to give you perspective on your drives.

Link: LifeHacker (Freeware)

Firefox 3 to be Faster than all Browsers

I have tried using Firefox 3 for sometime now, since the first beta release. It is really good except for it hanging on a few video based websites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, and others. It does seems smoother and faster, I want the full release soon and it seems it is coming soon.

Mozilla VP of engineering Mike Schroepfer claims that Firefox 3 is 9.3x faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 2.7x faster than Firefox 2 in terms of JavaScript performance. In terms of Gmail message load time, he claims Firefox 3 is 6.8x faster than IE7 and 3.8x faster than Firefox 2. And he says Firefox 3 beats Apple’s Safari, which is also faster than Firefox 2.

Link: LifeHacker


For all those iPhone users out there I think this is a very useful software to make use of the “Slide to Unlock” Screen. With Intelliscreen you would be able to customize the objects that appear on that screen.

Features Such as:

  • Email (Gmail or otherwise can appear on screen or snippets of messages)
  • Calendar Updates
  • RSS Feeds
  • SMS Messages
  • Local Weather

Link: Lifehacker

Duplicate MP3s

I think a lot of people at this point have very large amounts of MP3s, and since iPods have become so widespread every person has a large collection. I know a lot of people with more MP3s then myself and they do enjoy using iTunes. I for one detest iTunes because of what it does to your system, and even when you uninstall it, you can feel the damn thing still hanging on, but there are alternatives though. But this isn’t exactly about my dislike of iTunes, but a problem I am facing due to have stored my music in so many different locations over the years I now have duplicates of songs within folders, duplicate after duplicate, sometimes their are three of four versions of the same song just by going a few folders into it. I previously didn’t have a system of organizing but at this point I do have a system that works. My problem is with all the files of the past, and how you are supposed to clean them up.

I have found a lot of programs which find duplicates and present them to you to clean them up. There are so many I am confused as to which one to go with, and some of them have to be purchased yet I don’t even know how they good they are even with their features.

Different ways of searching these files are by filename, CRC32, and byte by byte. Some do these searches or have limited kinds, but I’m still confused as to which one to go with to help clean up my files.


Duplicate File Finder

List of Other Softwares

My Software Line Up

With the help of a friend, some trial and error, and trying a few different programs. I have come up with a list of very good softwares that could be very useful to people. I can’t do without some of these since I use them on a daily basis.

Network Magic Pro

  • Really good network management tool, keeps you updated of any people that joined that you don’t know who they are. Keeping track of all machine information as well as connectivity, a really simple network management tool that I have found extremely useful in my needlessly complex network.

NOD 32

  • The Best Anti-virus available out there, keeps my PCs clean and it doesn’t feel like its there. Even when you uninstall it there is no trace of it and no problems occur because of that. How many of you face issues with McAffee, and Symantec? If you do then this AntiVirus will be heaven in comparison to those Anti-viruses

Extract Now

  • If you have to extract multiple zipped or rarred files then this is the program for you. Sometimes I have to un-rar a whole series or a couple of movies, if I go the usual way then my computer system will come to a halt, and I have to leave it until the resources are free or it will crash. Extract Now is your best friend, you add as many files are you want unzipped or unrared and it shall be done without a fuss.

Sync Toy 2.0

  • If you have too many folders in different locations and you want to synchronize the folders then this your solution. There are multiple ways to synchronize, one way, two way, or custom, this is a very small piece of software with very rich features. Its a fantastic way to keep things backed up at a different location without having a back-up software.


  • A simple ftp program with all the features needed to make it very useful.


  • Best Video player available, if all my other players can’t play it correctly then VLC can with CoreAVC codec.


  • For all my torrent needs, this does the job.

Yahoo Widgets

  • There are some very cool widgets available which are independently developed. The best one for me is the Infrant NV management widget, and then all the other ones. Its relatively light on the system and I like the way it looks.


  • A simple alarm clock with a very customizable alarm. The only thing that manages to wake me up in the early mornings.

Extact Audio Copy

  • For all my audio ripping needs, this finds the database and rips a very high quality mp3. I have the LAME MP3 codec installed which gets a very high quality version. It has helped archive many CDs that I have.


  • Does all your photoshoping needs without the need of Photoshop. It has 95% of all the features, but the program is very light and loads easily. The interface is very user friendly and my editing skills have improved because of this program.