Spotify On The Go

I have always had issues with iTunes even though I still think that it is vital to my music choices when I’m listening to music on the go, and for last few months iTunes has been acting up a lot. Since making more and more playlists on Spotify I have slowly shifted my listening over to Spotify, I still use iTunes but even in the car I just stream my Spotify over the car’s Bluetooth Connection. I can stream Spotify through any type of Data connection and I don’t have to use a VPN, you only have use VPN when you sign up. Surprisingly the quality of the stream is really good, and it rarely cuts which is fantastic. Of course you have to have Premium Spotify to stream to your phone, and it works for both Android & iOS.

Spotify On iPad

If you love music and your not on Spotify yet you are honestly missing out, this is what iTunes should be like. I’m making music on the fly, listening to it on my car, and I’m also paying for the premium services so I can even download straight to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, iPad, and PC without any issues. I have it integrated into my Sonos system, literally the reasons to have it are endless.

And at last they have come up with the iPad App and its worth the wait, they really did a fantastic job of making it seamlessly work with the iPad. I love that they took the time to design it in a way that makes use of every square inch of screen real estate that you have. This app does a lot, but it doesn’t rub the extra features in your face. The design is fairly clean. Playlists can be grouped neatly into folders, In addition, a tap-and-hold feature bring up additional options such as the ability to add something to a playlist or star it, and a new search autofill feature lets you find artists by typing in the first few letters. You can hunt down songs, albums, and playlists from the same box. But one main note, to use this App you need a Premium account, to use Spotify for free you can use the Desktop App, but its really worth paying for the Premium Service.

Blocking ADs on Spotify

I usually like listening to music online and recently gotten into spotify, the one annoying thing that I found about Spotify is the advertisements in between songs. Right now I’m just enjoying and experimenting with Spotify to see how I would use it, and I’m liking the service but its a bit strange to me.


  • Blockify – Just install it and it will automatically mute ads when they come on and unmute it when done. But Blockify goes one step further, you can play a substitute MP3 from your Music folder so it won’t be a blank space, and once the song is done playing it will go back to your Spotify playlist which is pretty cool. You can also add keyboard shortcuts to Spotify to skip tracks, play, pause, change volume and shuffe.


  • Smutefy – It mutes the ad then unmutes it once its done, and sometimes an advertisement slips through and you can manually block it and add it to the block list. You have to have Soundflower installed to have it working.

The other main option that you do have is to pay $5 per month for the “Unlimited” Upgrade which is unlimited music and no advertisements or the “Premium” Upgrade which is the same as “Unlimited” except you can access Spotify from your Android or iPhone, but until you feel like upgrading these are your best options to listen to your music without interruption.

Streaming Music Services Compared


I for one listen to a lot of music and I enjoy streaming music because I get to listen to new music, but now there are so many different types of companies to choose from. Mashable went ahead and put together this inforgraphic which compares all the companies and provides you with the best breakdown to fit your needs, and cloud streaming isn’t even part of this mix. I enjoy streaming some of these services, but still prefer to keep my music locally for now.

(Click the image for a larger image)