Anime – Spring 2014

There is always a lot of anime out there worth watching and never enough time to watch it all.

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What I Will Be Trying To Watch From the List:

  • Broken Blade
  • Kenzen Robo Daimidaler
  • Black Bullet
  • Disk Wars: Avengers
  • Jojo No Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders
  • Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun
  • Sidonia no Kishi

What I am Watching Now:

  • Kill La Kill
  • Blade & Soul
  • Captain Earth
  • Space Dandy
  • Bleach (Almost Done)
  • Naruto Shippuuden (Alot to Catch Up With)
  • Space Battleship Yamato 2199
  • Gundam Build Fighters
  • Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai

There seriously isn’t enough time in the day to watch all of these anime’s but there are so many good one’s out there. I seriously need to finish Bleach, and catch up on Naruto.

TV Overdose

The last weekend it was a TV overdose, I literally sat as much as possible in front of the screen to watch as much shows as possible. There are a lot of good shows out there right now and I seriously can’t get enough of TV these days.

  • Blue Bloods
  • Games Of Throne
  • Glee – Season 2
  • Outsourced
  • The BIg Bang Theory – Season 4
  • The Borgias
  • The Goodwife – Season 2
  • V – Season 2

I have three shows that I am waiting to watch this summer during those slow days, and its going to be good.

  • Fringe – Seriously need to back on it
  • Sons Of Anarchy
  • Supernatural


Show Cancellations from ABC


  • Hank
  • Eastwick
  • DollHouse

ABC has taken some of the shows to the chopping block, Eastwick was cancelled even though it was lightly entertaining, DollHouse was good last season so I wasn’t sure what happened now, and Hank I haven’t watched yet but I will later since I have it all stored up. Luckily they kept The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town for the whole coming season.