“Star Trek” SuperBowl Spot

2009 will be the debut of the J.J.Abrams Star Trek which is turning out to look really good. A good combination of actors and the graphics are nothing short of amazing. I just hope the story is as good as the graphics. Check out the trailer on YouTube, make sure to click HD.

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Activision & Blizzard Merge

Now this is good news, two of my favorite game developers of all time are going to merge. I’m not sure of the technical details of the merger or the exact value, all I keep thinking about is the quality of games they will be able to come up with because these two game companies have been consistent over the years. I wonder what they are going to come up with next, I’m really waiting for StarCraft II.


  • Interstate 76
  • Mech Warrior Series
  • Call of Duty series
  • Spider-Man series
  • Guitar Hero series
  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars


  • Warcraft
  • World of Warcraft
  • StarCraft
  • Diablo

Review: Star Trek Enterprise

I have had this series for over two years and really didn’t feel compelled to start it, and now I regret not seeing it earlier. In less then a month and half I went through all four season of Enterprise, from season to season it just got better and better. Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) is the best captain of any Star Trek series I have seen, he was a developing Captain, from idealist to having made decisions that changed his outlook.

The full crew of the Star Ship pulls you in, Trip the Chief Engineer with his wit and his stubbornness to give up, T’Pol with her Vulcan Logic and her acceptance of human ways, Leutinant Reed the stiff Tactical Officer who found himself more and more attached to his captain, Dr. Flox one of the most interesting characters of the ship and a Doctor who lived by his ethics and took care of his patients, Hoshi the communications officer who had knack for figuring out other languages, and Ensim Mayweather who piloted the ship like no other.

There were parts when the show kept you on your toes, you could see the development of Star Fleet and how many of details of future of Star Fleet in these missions. The best part was hearing the hints such as “This is the beginning of The Final Frontier” or “I wonder whats going to happen with the Next Generation”, “To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”. The last episode left me with a feeling of nostalgia, it felt strange to hear the voice of Captain Jean Luc Pecard, it felt good, something was right about this. Who ever said that this is the worst series of Star Trek was completely wrong, this shows the development of Star Fleet and the Federation, how things came together, this show ended on the right note but I wish there was more.

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Enterprise Rampage

It has been for a little over month since I started Star Trek Enterprise and it has just gotten better and better. Scott Bakula plays an excellent captain on the Star Ship Enterprise. He has that air to him, and this cast of Enterprise are little different then past Star Treks. I enjoyed Season 1, flew through Season 2, and kept going in Season 3. The show is damn good, it also helps that Commander T’pol is a very hot Vulcan if I have ever seen one.

I can’t believe they cancelled the show at the end of Season 4. I just started Season 4 and I know its going to be good, I just hope they gave us a conclusive ending. I have lost a lot of sleep watching this show and I enjoyed every minute. I think my longest Enterprise marathon was 16 hours.

Enterprise Addiction

I kept hearing for a while that Star Trek Enterprise was a good show, and it was causing a lot of controversy. It was meant to be different the rest of the Star Treks, it depicts the beginning of Star Fleet and the development of human exploration. They have no rules to go by, but you can see the early stages of all the species that they will be encountering and later on forging alliances or becoming enemies, its really fun hearing the names and knowing in the future what their relationships will be with the different empires because of the past Star Treks.

I have been a huge Star Trek fan since Star Trek: The Next Generation, then followed by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which I thought wasn’t the best of the Star Treks. I always preferred them on ships, and then came Star Trek: Voyager which I loved. I was saddened to know that Enterprise was going to be the last of the Star Trek series, I hope that isn’t the case but that is what was announced. The show has four full seasons, and I am still on Season 1, I can’t seem to get enough of it, I am staying up late and watching any episodes all in my spare time, the show as allowed to finish its fourth season but canceled after that, I think thats a mistake but we shall see if anything develops after that.

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