Decepticons – More Then Meets The Eye

There is something that I like about the Decepticons, and I always wondered why they were jet planes, and only a few Autobots were jet planes, I couldn’t think of only two Autobots, the rest were all Decepticons. These are three Decepticon models that I have put together, one is Starscream and I left him in vehicle mode, and the other two Skywarp & Thundercracker I turned into robot mode and once I got the first one down the second one was much easier.

Placement was not much of an issue I had a corner all carved out for the Autobots and Transformers, they are all in the same place but the Decepticons look small compared to Optimus Prime, or to be exact all the versions of Optimus Prime that I could get my hands on. They are all proudly displayed in the corner in my office and I’m just waiting for the day for them to come alive. These models are the original Takara models that I got from a few years ago, I still haven’t gotten the Megatron Model because I don’t like the quality of it but I know I will cave in eventually and find him on ebay.

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Decepticons Diorama

There is nothing cooler then the Transformers and seeing the Decepticons in this Diorama. Megatron in all his glory surrounded by his lieutenants and the conniving StarScream in the back. I especially love Soundwave, and I haven’t seen Lazerbeak and Ravage in so long. Its so life like that I think that they are real live characters, the detail is just amazing.

Customizer frenzy_rumble takes it to the next level with a very intense Decepticon base diorama. Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, Reflector, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage and Laserbeak have frenzy_rumble’s trademark look, and are held in a heavily modified i-Gear Ark.

Link: Seibertron

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