Moleskines Star Wars Journals

With the release of special edition Blu-Ray set of Star Wars Moleskine have come up with these journals. There is one thing that I can’t resist buying it is these journals, I seriously can not get enough of them, I already bought them and waiting for them to be delivered. I love that Moleskine keep coming up with these very interesting special edition notebooks. I honestly don’t write enough in them but I do try to sketch and write down notes as much as possible. The journals come in both Empire and Rebellion flavors, the biggest difference being the Empire variety is “ruled” while Rebel journal remains “unruled.” I got both the large and pocket size in the Empire and Rebellion designs, a must have for any Star Wars fan. Check out the fun video below at the end.

Link: Moleskine

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40 Epic Star Wars Wallpapers

There are many science fiction fans out there and even more Star Wars fans, and collected together the best epic Star Wars wall papers ever seen. There are so many cool wall papers, I just can’t believe it, it makes me want to see all the six movies again. I still want to play Star Wars Battle Front, one of the best games out of Lucas Arts, I’m looking forward to a few new games for Star Wars. I have a few of my favorite backgrounds in this post, but click the link below for all 40 amazing wallpapers.

We’ve got a huge collection of epic Star Wars wallpapers based on high resolution artwork and 3D renders from the famous movies and video games, including The Force Unleashed, The Old Republic, Empire at War, Republic Commando, among others

Link: CoolVibe

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Sci Fi Airshow

The SCI-FI AIR SHOW’s purpose is to preserve and promote the rich and varied history of Sci-Fi/fantasy vehicles. Through display and education we seek to celebrate the classic design and beauty of these ships and the rich imaginations that created them. When the cameras stopped rolling, many of these proud old ships were lost and forgotten. Please join us in working to keep these rare and beautiful birds soaring!

An event for all movie and tv scifi fans, one they can only imagine. These are all photoshopped pictures of what a scifi air show would like, these pictures are created by special effects artists for film and TV. This event is in the mind of Bill George who worked as visual effects supervisor on six Star Trek and two Star Wars films. I would mind getting in the Millenium Falcon or a Battlestar Gallactica Viper.

Link: GeekTyrant

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The Secret Life Of Toys

Being a huge Star Wars fan these pictures tell a story, I loved every one of them. Photographs such these bring real feel to these models, bathroom one is a classic. These close ups must have been done with a Macro Lens and they are fantastic. A simple idea telling a great story, your toys are alive.

This particular series features Star Wars characters who have been hit hard by the recession. I hope the stimulus plan reaches the Death Star!

Link: BeautifulDecay

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