Grimlock & Optimus Prime – Transformers Age Of Extinction – Prime 1 Studio

“Autobots, we charge together! Now, roll out!”

In the ultimate team-up, Grimlock and Optimus Prime fight together in an epic battle to save the human race from extinction.

Words can not describe how I excited I was when I saw this piece of art, bad ass has been redefined after the appearance of Grimlock in Transformers – Age Of Extinction and adding Optimus Prime to this piece just takes it to another level. The quality level of this piece is just something else, preorders are out and delivery is in May 2015 and priced at $1899. Only 500 pieces are being produced of this piece and as other Prime 1 pieces they will be flying off the shelf, the nerd in me couldn’t get more excited so I had to put my deposit down for it. The toughest Autobot & Dinobot duo in the Transformers universe.

Statue Arts – Kurosaki Ichigo – Bankai

There is no question that I am huge fan of Bleach and especially Kurosaki Ichigo, the main character from the show. I have always been looking for the perfect display piece for Ichigo only to find that Square Enix made this amazing sculpture which surpassed the usual plastic models they make, and their models are usually impressive but this one is over the top with the details.

I really haven’t been following Bleach as much I should be, so I have no clue why Ichigo has a phoenix. But in any case, it’s totally badass so I approve. The face is very detailed, even though it has no real distinct facial details, it really gives off the impression of being made of fire. If you are a fan of the show then this is a must have for your collection even though its pricey at $500 but the quality the piece is clear.

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Cobra Commander

Who remembers the Cobra Commander from 80s, now that guy used to annoy me as a kid. I loved when the Joe’s kicked his butt, one thing for sure is that he was the perfect evil leader, diabolical but always screwing up. Now SideShow Collectibles have come up with the perfect model of Cobra Commander, and I have to say it looks pretty real, even better the cartoons used to be, I have a memory of them but when I see the cartoons they were much worse then what I remember.

Link: SideShowToys

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IRON MAN 2 Mark VI Statue – Kotobukiya

I have was gifted the original Kotobukiya Iron Man Statue last year, and its probably one of my favorite models that I currently own. I honestly look at that Iron Man consistently, wondering what it would take to make a machine such as this, and it looks so realistic and such a fantastic model.

Now they have come up with the new design of the new Iron Man, and it looks good, they look fantastic together. Now the movie comes out in May of 2010 and this model from Kotobukiya comes out in September of 2010. You can see the developments in the suit, now to see what this equates to as weaponery and suit strength in the movie. I hope that Kotobukiya comes out with a War Machine model that can go with these beautiful models as well.

Link: GeekTyrant

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The Japanese have went and done it again, they have built one very heavy, to be exact 50 ton, robot in Japan for the crowd. And this is Tetsujin 28 from the old anime series that many of us saw a long time ago, who didn’t want to be a kid with remote control that would control a Giant Robot. I think its great that they would take $1.5 Million to be build something so great such as this 50 ton statue.

Link: Gizmodo

Iron Man – Kotobukiya Statue

Every once in a while you find the right piece that you really don’t expect, and this came out of no where. I received the Kotobukiay Iron Man Statue for my birthday a few months back and I have had the hardest time trying to figure out where to put this amazing statue, I can’t get enough of it but I didn’t want to ruin it. I kept on trying to figure out the perfect location for it, and simply I found the perfect spot in my home theater area.

I placed Iron Man on the left front speaker, and I didn’t know until I unboxed him that there are is a switch to see the lights of the eyes and the chest plate. Its such a cool statue, I keep thinking if only I had the real life suit that this would be cooler. Its a perfect 13 inches, with a few bumps and bruises to resemble the real suit and the quality of the Kotobukiya statue is honestly amazing, every time a friend walks in I ask them what they think, the usual reaction is that its cool but when I switch on the light of the suit, there eyes pop out. I am one happy movie goer, now to only work on the getting a fully functional suit.

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The UnBoxing

Came back today to find two boxes in my room, I knew I was getting something from my Aramex box. The best part are that these items slowly trickle in and its fun opening them up even though it isn’t a complete surprise. This time it turns out one of these boxes was delivered to the wrong person even though my name was written clearly on it.

  • Sigma EX 10-20mm Wide Angle Lens
  • Grendaizer Statue
  • Spiderman Symbiote Bust

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