Los Angeles – Places To Eat – 2013


There were too many good places to try out while in Los Angeles, and sometimes you don’t have all the time needed to check them all out but this is a few of the places that we went to and the food was amazing at all of them, all depends what you are looking for and honestly it was hard not to stuff myself every time we went to these places.



  • BOA – Amazing Steak Place On Sunset Blvd – The Japanese Wagyu beef was amazing
  • Lala’s Argentine Grill – On Melrose Place – Pure Argentinian Grilling, Meat At Its Finest, If you love steak you will love this place
  • Umami – Amazing Burger Joint – Simple menu, don’t miss the Bub Burger or Truffle Burger
  • Il Postaio – Amazing Italian off of Canon Drive in Beverly Hills – Casual, I went and ate there in bike gear
  • The Apple Pan – Greasy Burger Place – If you love Burgers you will love this place
  • Via Veneto – The best Italian place on Venice Beach, you can’t miss this place it really is amazing, a unique type of Italian, not your usual and we loved it.



  • Toast – Amazing menu, lots to choose from and great outside seating, best on Sunday Brunch
  • Joan’s On 3rd Cafe – Great selection of sandwiches and great seating indoors, cafe & marketplace


Of course we passed by In&Out because everyone keeps asking if we did, but for me that place is just a bit over hyped and I had one next to my apartment for years so there are other burger places that I prefer, but for a quick burger it does the job.


Prime Cuts – Gourmet Delicatessen

Everyone likes burgers and a lot of people like meats, but not everyone knows where to get good meat. I’m very particular about meat, especially steaks and burgers, the selection in Kuwait is not that good, we have decent meat but not great. Not until I found Prime Cuts, they have premium quality meats of all kinds. A friend recommended them to me so I called them up. Its a Kuwaiti run concept for a high end delicatessen which has been running and building itself up for over three years, they are suppliers of some restaurants and hotels in Kuwait, one of them being Meat Co.

For the first time I speak to people who are knowledgeable about meat, not just the usual butcher but an chef butcher, someone who knows all the kinds of meat and how they should be cooked and used for what dish. I told them I want to make the best brugers, they recommend to me Australian Wagyu Beef, 80% lean, they have the regular Australian Beef but the Wagyu will result in juicier burgers. They even asked what type of flame I will be working with, if its gas grill or wood or coal, they had a recommendation for each one. So I ordered 200 grams patties of Australian Wagyu Beef which is a bit more on the expensive side. They had all kinds of meat, T-Bone and Ribeye being my favorite types of steak, and the burger of course. They usually make 140 gram burgers which are very tasty, but like them thicker so I ask for 200 grams, they mix it with their own set of spices so the patty is just ready for the grill and give you instructions for storage as well. Now they have shipment of high quality American beef coming in soon, that I want to pick up from them as well when its in.

I will be putting another post about the results of the burgers, but lets say that 8 guys finished over 24 burgers in less then 30 minutes. I couldn’t step away from the grill, they were more like hungry hyenas then normal humans. I can’t blame them really, I’m supposed to be on a diet and cutting back but I had two really juicy burgers but thats for another post. I highly recommend that you call them for high quality and premium meat of all kinds.

Link: Prime-Cuts

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The Meat Co. Kuwait

Now this was an interesting dinner, it was the second day that Meat Company was open or what some of my friends have started calling it “Laham Co.” I was looking forward to trying their Beef Ribs apperitzers and some good Rib Eye Steak. Luckily more and more places are opening up in 360 Mall and I do enjoy walking around, so I remembered where the location of Meat Company is located.

We really didn’t need to reserve, there were six of us and we had a choice of any table but we had a few smokers that wanted to smoke which was a bit annoying but no one was on our side. There were 6 of us and they sat us down on a table for 8 people, we looked at the menus and everything seemed the same but a few tiems were different then Dubai, the Wagyu Rib-eye was missing but it was 90% similar.

The beef ribs came in 10 minutes, and we ordered the main courses. Each person chose his own and all of them were very different. Out of 6 orders they only messed up 2 orders, and my friend took the oppurtunity to milk the situation for all that he could. His steak was well done when he ordered medium rare, so when they brought back another steak it looked uncooked basically warmed and on the plate. But my steak and a few of the others was really good, I really enjoyed the good tasting food. They need some time to get the cooking and ordering right, the staff need some more experience but I think that it will be good. I know I’m going back for some steak again in the near future.

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Dubai and Back

This was one hell of a quick trip, we were going to have some fun and enjoy the premiere of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. We flew out on Wataniya round 9 am, 10 guys, carrying very little, just a few back packs and I had my camera. Landed headed out to the bus we had booked which turned out to be a school bus and a disaster, so we canceled the bus and were laughing our heads off, this is the beginning of a funny day trip.

Lunch at Meat Company with the best Rib Eye I have had in a little while, Meat Co never disappoints. After our meal we headed straight to Mall of the Emirates to walk around before going to the movie theater. We had 10 Gold Class seats booked and it is honestly one of the most comfortable seats in any movie theater I have been to and many can agree to that. 2 hours and 30 minutes later I was still excited from the movie, and we are keeping to a schedule.

We head to Dubai mall and decided to split up and go in different directions, to meet up at the main entrance an hour and half later to head to the airport and check in. We walked past the aquarium and I spent a good hour at Kinokuniya bookstore and I bought some very odd books this time around, some were comic books, some were anime illustration books, and some were just plain different.

We took off to the airport around 10:15 pm to check in and we made it relatively quickly. We checked into Wataniya Airlines and they were a bit in shock to find so many energetic guys all together and want to be seated together. One note, never take the exit seats or Row 8 on any of Wataniyas Airbus A320s because those seats can’t move and the arm rests are solid pieces so they annoy your legs. By 1am we were home and about to pass out, what a ridiculously fun trip and booking well ahead you can get the ticket for 45 KD.