Drive Space Junkie

One year ago I thought I had more then enough space to satisfy all my downloading habits, I knew I might need to expand later on. I was completely wrong as to the scale of expansion, the amount of space that I have has expanded exponentially over the past couple of months due to my archiving all my Movies, TV Shows, and Anime, then taking all that media and backing it up.


Main HQ

  • 2792 GB

Mini Monster

  • 931 GB

Bunker Server

  • 7014 GB

The Bunker:

  • 2094 GB

Alienware Laptop

  • 93 GB

Workhorse Laptop

  • 74 GB

Infrant NV

  • 3724 GB (2739 GB in X-Raid for Redundancy)

Infrants Bunker NV

  • 3724 GB (2739 GB in X-Raid for Redundancy)

Maxtor Network Drive

  • 278 GB

Total: 20724 GB (20.7 TB)

That is the current space that I have available to me, I think I’m using 63% between all the drives, and I haven’t fully backed up everything at this point I know when the 1.5 TB Drives come out, it is going to jump up very quickly.

WHS – Stage 4

I have the server up and running, dumping files from three machines and the Infrant NAS. I have the Videos in duplication mode, so all my videos are duplicated on the server. Most of drives are in the Athena Backplane, most of it is in the storage pool except for one drive which is what I am going to be using to switch data between drives. Its faster to connect that one drive to the SATA drive of each computer and copy the data, then copy it over at one go by connecting it to the Backplane inside the server. Now to transfer the data from the different networks over to the one location, more drives to be added, and then there is the idea of combining the network.