The Surfing Trooper

Dark Side Surfing all over the world, these Storm Troopers do know how to enjoy themselves on the nicest surfing beaches of the world. When you work for Darth Vader you do get to enjoy your vacations in these unique places, comes with the job description.

The only way to track the Surfing Trooper is follow him on tumbler before he disappears to the dark side again. Its a team on Stormtroopers taking this journey and probably the most creative bunch of Stormtroopers they have. Lets hope for another series Stormtrooper vacation activities soon.

Link: SurfingTrooper

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Stormtroopers 365

I can never really get enough of Star Wars and everyone always thinks of the Stormtroopers as nothing interesting but these shots tell a bit of funny story. This project from Stefan was to take daily shots of Stormtroopers TK455 and TK479 for one year, starting April 3rd 2009 and ending April 4th 2010. A lot of them are very creative photos and amazing shots, the titles on some of them are hilarious, and I just posted a few of my favorite pictures in this post.

Link: StormTroopers365

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Galactic State of Mind

Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” and Star Wars remix, all put together by College Humor and they did a fantastic job. I love the song in the first place with Jay Z and Alicia Keys but not Darth Vader taking the lead with Princess Leia. Never thought they could remix the whole thing into the coolest Star Wars lyrics possible of all the episodes into one song, just doesn’t get any cooler then this. The best parts were the Ewoks and the Storm Troopers, they just made the video that much better, seriously its a fantastic remix.

Link: CollegeHumor