Drifting Motorbike – Drift Gymkhana

Drifting in a car takes a lot of skill, drifting in a motorcycle is something else and this guy has complete control over his machine and smoothly gliding it around corners and balancing it on all different angles. Jorian Ponomareff is one hell of a rider and I wish had 10% of the skill he has with these machines, there is another video below showing his skill as a rider and capabilities, watching these videos gives me chills. Curious to try but not dumb enough to risk it, I know my limits.

Hooligans On Ice

Water scares me when I ride because hitting the ground isn’t pleasant, and snow isn’t something I want to think about. But this guy is stunting on snow with spiked tires, that is something that I can’t even think about let alone try. I wouldn’t mind trying it out if I can get my hands on a bike like that, the fall doesn’t look too hard!

3RUN – THE Stunt Team

Parkour and Martial Arts takes a lot of skill to perform, now these guys take parkour, martial arts, free running, acrobatic stunts and blend them all together for performances, commercials, tv, and movies. What these guys are capable of is mind blowing, they are defying gravity at certain points and I love how the camera follows them in their flips, made me spin my head while looking at the screen. I would love to see them live!

Link: 3RUN

ICON Films – Stunters

I’m not the biggest fan of stunting, but I always have respect for those who perfected those skills. These guys are pulling wheelies, and insane stunts to perfection. ICON has put together a very cool set of videos on some of the best stunters around, I love the videography, I wonder how they mounted some of the cameras to the machines, and the control these guys have of their machines is amazing.

Parkor On Motorcycles – Julien Dupond

This is as crazy as it gets, offroading, tricking, stunts, on every object and road that you can find. Julien Dupond is one of those underground riders that is known for his insane skills, and he makes mistakes from what you can see int he videos but his precision is what makes him amazing. Some stunts twist and destroy his bike because of what he is doing to keep his balance, stunts in the middle of the road, just pure insanity and this type of skill is something you are born with. Just check out the videos.