The Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit

UD Replicas has released an updated version of their Batman Motorcycle Suit with The Dark Knight Rises. As your would expect, the leather and Kevlar jacket, pants, gloves and boots can be worn separately.

UD Replicas is proud to present its latest BATMAN™ Movie Replica Leather Outerwear from the upcoming summer release THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™.

Get ready to ride……………… THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ is upon us!

It just doesn’t get any better then this, I would literally kill to fit into that. If I fit into that I would never take it off, I would go into meetings in that suit, it is insanely cool. I would need to get into extreme shape to fit into that, but damn its cool.

Price: Aprox $1540
Link: UD Replicas

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The Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

This has been bouncing around online since a couple of days ago now, and every time I see I say to myself that I want one. I don’t know how is going to be possible but I’m going to get myself inside that suit. I think I would have to lose at least 25 Kgs to get into that suit and tone up, but one way or another I want to put it on and then put on the Batman helmet and get on my bike. Now all I need are the 50. caliber machine guns attached to the bike and I am good to go.

Link: UniversalDesigns