Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem to all, this is going to be an interesting one since its going to be in the lovely heat of the summer. We are trying to keep our activities the same on the weekend, I’m still trying to get up on the wake board, we just have to deal with the thirst. As usual it isn’t the hunger that gets me but the thirst. I honestly look forward to Ramadan every year since I get to see family so much, but I get annoyed with people who don’t want to work because they are fasting and a lot of things come to a halt in Kuwait because of that but here is hoping everyone has a fun Ramadan.

Summer Shows


A psychic who helps the Santa Barbara police solve murders in the goofiest of ways. This is really a funny comedy and I now have all three seasons and really worth watching, much better then The Mentalist because they keep things fresh. Shawn is the pyschic and Burton is his friend who manages to keep things together.


The United States is run by a ruling family and they are at war with their neighbors, a strange type of government body with an intriging political story. I really recommend this show, it air a couple of months back but I’m happy its airing again as a summer show with some very interesting and complex characters.


For a light hearted comedy about Shawn who’s father sold his soul to the devil by his parents. He stuck being the errand boy of devil and collecting escaped souls for the devil, the goofy bounty hunter with a bunch of friends who know how to screw up but get the job done. All of this and they work at the WorkBench which is a store like HomeDepot.

Summer Shows

There have been some interesting shows coming out this summer or just before the summer. We have had a lot of sleepless nights at the beach house watching some of the interesting shows and going on a ridiculous marathon seeing those who pass out and those who manage to stay up. Entourage and Rescue Me have started for the summer but honestly thats not what we are watching.

The Shows:

  • Royal Pains – A doc who lost his job and ends up working for rich people – Great Show
  • Weeds – Catching up with season 3, fun as usual
  • Burn Notice – Season 3 – Entertaining
  • Reaper – Season 2 – Pretty funny
  • 24 – Season 7 – The most insane season ever, I’m loving it, I’m happy I waited to watch it one go and I’m waiting to have a chance to watch it one go with my friend.

Summer Movies 2009

A lot of movies coming out this summer which are really worth watching, from the action packed to the comedies. Also some anticipated movies like Wolverine, Star Trek, Angels and Demons, Year One looks hilarious, Land of the Lost looks damn funny too, The Proposal looks good (its been a while since I have seen Sandra Bullock in a movie). Click the links to see the trailers!

  • June 5 — Guy-friendly raunch comedy The Hangover, more family adventure in Land of the Lost
  • 19 — Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds get rom-commed in The Proposal; Jack Black and Michael Cera go prehistoric in Harold Ramis’ Year One.
  • 24/26 — What has the stones to open near Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?

Qatar Airways Deal

It seems for the summer deal Qatar Airways made a deal for its first class passengers. I’m not really aware since I don’t fly Qatar Airways that much. It turns out they had a summer deal that if you buy two or three first class passenger seats to London or Paris they would ship your car for free. Never really gave it much thought until I saw how many cars there were in those places and I was only there for a few days.

Dubai in the Summer

It doesn’t feel like it yet, but summer has kicked in. It feels like there is still a lot of work to be done and we are far away from a vacation but this heat has kicked in. In Dubai it was humid and a little hot, you find people just wiping the sweat off their brows. If you walk out of a cooled building wearing sunglasses you won’t be able to see anything since your glasses fog up.

Dubai felt a little on the empty side, most of everyone was in the malls during this period. This is the first time I see Mall completely packed so early in the afternoon, but it seems that its so humid outside that nobody really wants to be outside. It did feel nice for once that there wasn’t a lot of traffic on the streets.

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Movies Looking Forward to For 2008

There are a lot of good movies coming out this summer, especially from the comic genre. Most of these movies can’t be watched in Kuwait’s cinema because they are going to be chopped up one way or another. I love watching movies in the theaters, its just different then at home so hopefully we will be able to catch most of them in theaters. Any movies to do with comics are always at the top of my list, they have been doing justice to a lot of comic movies over the years so I have high expectations for Iron Man, The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, HellBoy 2, and Iron Man.