Pingdom – Testing Your Website

Sometimes I’m paranoid as hell about my website and that something is slowing it down, but in reality I’m not really sure and its always a matter of trial and error. Recently I stumbled upon this testing tool from Pingdom, you enter your website and they give you the time to load, whats slowing it down, whats taking more resources to load, and lots of other details. You can see what is loading first and a variety of items which is very cool and keep on testing it every once in a while, I didn’t even realize my website is 1.8 MB worth of data to load back in the day that which is even more then a floppy disk. I liked how they organized the data and they let you organize the data, very useful free tool, and I keep getting 88/100 for my average score, not bad. Check out the tool linked below.

Link: Pingdom

Kuwait – NetIndex


There is no question that we have issues with our Internet Service in Kuwait, and with a country that is wealthy and hungry for better service we just can’t seem to get good quality in most cases. We are luckier then most countries in the middle east but its still no excuse for bad service, our infrastructure needs a major overhaul and it was supposed to be complete by 2007 but I don’t we are going to see that. Luckily our GSM operators have offered Internet service such as Wataniya, Zain, and Viva, some better then the other in different locations. Then there are the normal ISPs which are doing well in some areas and struggling in others. Click the image below for some detailed info about the regular ISPs.


This country ranks in 85th place. Results were obtained by analyzing test data between Jun 30, 2010 and Jul 29, 2010. Tests from 120,759 unique IPs have been taken in this country and of 985,263 total tests, 9,776 are being used for the current Index.

All the results are taken from relative to each ISP, and they have to have at least 10’000 Unique ISP tests for each result and people are asked for their opinions. So we are all using speedtest not knowing that the ISPs are getting ranked which is genius. But in this case you can see from the image above that Qnet has the fastest speeds but the worst satisfaction. KEMS has the 3rd speed but one of the highest satisfactions, even though the difference is small its still a difference in this case. I’m surprised Fasttelco isn’t there, but I think its because they don’t use the testing program so it can’t tally up the data. Overall we need faster internet.


THF – The Hot Foot


From the creator of NegativEffect comes The Hot Foot, real life reviews of machines, and vehicles. I love the motto of TheHotFoot “Reviews on anything driven by fuels”, passion for machines. As usual NegativEffects does wonders with pictures, and this time around its no different but you get a feel for items in the land, sea, and air. I really like the presented format of the reviews and machines, its really viewer friendly and very easy to navigate, he already has some reviews up, right now my favorites are the Aprillia Shiver, Honda Civic Type R, and the Nissan GT-R. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his reviews, I bet they are going to be just as fun to read and sea.

Link: TheHotFoot


My Testing!

Now this was an interesting day, I was walking down Totenham Cour Road looking for a camera tripod and access point. That road is filled with electronic and computer stores selling most of everything you would look for in London. As I walked out of the last Nikon/Canon store admiring some expensive lens, I walk out to see the Dianetics and Scientology center right next door. I instinctively took a picture of the sign and stand out front, then just looked through my lens to see somebody looking directly at me, but I snapped any way. She walked up to me and asked me if I’m interested in Dianectics, walking me inside to a wall filled with L Ron Hubbard books and DVDs. She asked where I was from, told her from Kuwait, she grabbed a book in Arabic and gave it to me as well as DVD, assuming I would be willing to pay for it. I told her I read a little bit about it a while ago but didn’t really read up, she was being very forceful to take the book or at least the DVD.

She asked where I was from, I told from Kuwait and she said then I must be Muslim, I told her that is the case. She asked if I had 30 minutes to spare, I said I’m a bit tight on time, she wanted me to watch to 5 minute videos and do some testing, I opted out of the videos but was curious about the testing. She took me to the lower floors to sit in an area where they do some testing, I was ask a lot of questions about what I do, and what I do on a daily basis, how I feel and some many things. Then the infamous E-Meter was brought out, it looks like some contraption out of the 1950s, radiation testing of some sorts. Then that machine was going off for a bit, then after all that the testing was done. The results is that I have a lot of pent up negative energy and I need it solved and that requires further treatment. I thanked them and walked out, it took all the will power I had not to laugh at certain points in the testing, I can understand how they can turn a few people into Scientologists,and some of these people are extremely strong willed with an answer for every statement, the cult feeling of it is there but they are much better organized. That was an interesting experience but I continued looking for my access point in the shops down the road.