Trike Drifting

Full grown men riding customized trikes and drifting them around the road is something you would think a 6 year old would love, and I agree 100% . Watching this video Trike Drifting is insanely cool and looks ridiculously dangerous, there are some close moments but looking at them having fun makes me want to try it out. This video is from the guys who made the Largest Rope Swing, I hope they keep coming up with more cool stuff.

Lifttrax OffRoad Recovery

Offroading is a pasttime that many men love in Kuwait and the Middle East, many destinations to visit and offroad in. And there is always a time during that trip that someone gets stuck, I have gotten stuck a few times myself. I always carry a good amount of tools to get me out of the whole I’m in, but usually you need another car with you to help you out. A little more traction and a little more lift is sometimes what you need to get out of a very stuck situation. The LiftTrax Off-Road Recovery Device offers both in a rollable, portable, inflatable package. These ultrarugged air mats feature a flexible outer shell covered in rubber grips which offer traction in nearly any condition to vehicles weighing up to 8,800 lbs. Australians really know what they are doing when it comes to offroading, their equipment quality is really high because they have the same desert climate as we do. I’m hoping to have this for my next off-roading trip.

Link: UnCrate

VW Behbehani VIP Service

My friend was driving home in VW R32 and just as he was about to get onto the highway he hears a loud boom, and a hard slap, he pulls over and the tire was basically ripped off the rim. It’s around 1am on Thursday night close to Fahaheel Expressway as he was heading home, he was trying to think of what to do but didn’t bother calling us to help him. He remembered that he had a VW Behbehani VIP service, so he called them to check what they could do for him, they ask if he was ok, and said the tow guy will be with him in 10 minutes. He looked at the jack kit for the VW R32, and its a complicated contraption to put together in the rain so decided to wait the 10 minutes. The tow guy got there in 10 minutes, which is a miracle in Kuwait, his phone rang again and the call center was asking about the tow guy.

He got there and within 10 minutes put on the spare tire, and he told him he will take his rim back to Behbehani, replace the tire for free, and check the rim for any structural damage from the savage burst. He drove home and the call center called him again to make sure he got home, this whole event took place in less then a 30 minute period. Next morning the same tow guy called on Friday, brought the rim back with the new tire and installed it on his car. Now that is fantastic service, my friend hasn’t had his car a year yet and this is a service that he pays only 6 KD per year for, and they offer only for the higher end VWs. So its the R32, R36, Phaeton, and probably a few other high end VWs but I’m not sure which ones are included in the service, but if you a Jetta or a normal fleet car then you aren’t eligible for the service. My first question was whether I could subscribe to the service even if I don’t have a VW, I would pay 60KD a year for service like this. I don’t even know if they offer it for Porsche, but its great that Behbehani has service such as this available to its customers. They have a fleet of 40 tow cars all over Kuwait from Doha all the way to Nuwaiseeb, stationed in all corners of the country so the tow trucks can get to you quickly. It would be nice if Luxury vehicle dealers would learn from them and provide a similar service such as this, I hope they keep up the great work.