Toyota GT-86


Making Driving Fun Again.

That is the main description after driving this car. Toyota wanted a sports car that is affordable and fun, a long time ago there were a lot of affordable sports cars, but once the performance race came into play they just kept getting more and more expensive. The idea behind this machine is to keep it simple and fun, putting in the bare minimum into the car to make a driver happy. I got my hands on the car a while back and had my fun with it, it has to be a manual to be enjoyed.


The machine is underpowered, there is no question about that, don’t expect it to push you back into your seat like a jetplane, but it does give you the rush of driving a fast car, especially because of two simple factors. The car is spunky, if you are driving the manual version you figure out it’s sweet spots, and this car should only be sold in manual because that is the true way to enjoy it. Secondly the car handles like a go kart, stuck to the ground, you can throw the car around, its light and it feels like your driving a toy car, but it holds on the corners and I love that about the suspension.


Toyota built this car in mind with people who want to modify it. It has to be modified, there is no question about that, everyone who has ever wanted a Toyota Supra wanted to modify it, and the GT-86 was based on the rich history of the AE86 that is a legend in the Japanese Automotive circles. This machine will bring back the days when Fast & Furious first came out, there will be no one GT-86 the same as the other, and the parts to modify the car is relatively cheap compared to other sports cars.


This machine needs a power upgrade to be a bit more fun, but when you upgrade the power you also need to upgrade the suspension and brakes to match. The best part of the GT86 is that is honestly very easy to drive and handle, at 200 bhp that is the case, but when you add the much need 100 bhp to get it to 300 bhp this car will handle very differently. So other modifications need to be done to get it back to the ease of driving and amazing stock handling that you get used to.


The interior of the car is simple, and that is the best thing about it, I honestly love the start button on the car, its like you are ready to race, and the AC is great but the sound system is basically crap and you need to modify that. This specific one has a modified head unit but other parts need to be modified such as the speakers and the bass to get it to the quality that you want.


You can literally modify this car any which way you want, but one thing is a fact, this is the perfect car from Toyota and nobody makes one like it. This car was abused during GulfRun, and I abused it for the three weeks that I had it when I took it from K, thanks K.


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FVD in Kuwait – Every Performance Part You Want From One Place


Finding the right automotive performance parts supplier is always a difficult process. In my case I’m always doing something with my M6, and a good supplier is always a difficult task to go through since you don’t trust them and slowly keep increasing orders.

About 10% of online automotive parts retails are crap, you get a bad apple once in a while and I have dealt with a few. During GulfRun we got informed that FVD Brombacher is opening up in Kuwait and I was excited because this is a German parts supplier and its always good to have more in Kuwait, FAST is also a good supplier from Audi in Kuwait, and Kromozone from Chevy as well.

But in my case I have a German car and recently ordered several parts from FVD Kuwait. Complete new brake system from Brembo through FVD Kuwait, he sorted out the details and including shipping came out cheaper then the online parts seller in the US, which shocked me. Also picked up DOT 6 Brake Fluid through them because of how much I abuse my car I want to make sure my brakes last. I was looking into some other performance parts but he convinced me not to get it, it takes a great supplier to tell you not to get something which will affect him negatively but he won a customer for life.

They provide the parts but don’t install it, in my case I take it to the dealership for installation at BMW, they have a few good guys. A few dealerships do installs like Audi, Chevy, BMW, and Porsche they each have their specialty.

If you are looking for any parts for any European or Japanese car, these are the guys to talk to.

Contact Details:

[email protected]

Instagram: FVDKuwait

GT-86 Drifting

I can’t help but want to slide around in empty parking lot after seeing this video, maybe a short quick drift or slide. Two Toyota GT86 coupes were parked in this empty parking lot, all that’s missing is the not-so judicious application of one’s right foot. Two pro drift drivers recently got the chance to fling the GT86 around in a quick battle, and the result is a video that shows just how controllable the GT86 is right out of the box.

Toyota FT-86II

The Toyota AE86 is known to many people as one of the most aggressive sports car back in the day, it would be modified in all forms to race and drift around the moutains in Japan. I think this is one of the cars that help originate drifting back in the 80s. Now Toyota came up with the FT-86 Concept and a lot of people got excited, a decently priced toyota sports car which looks highly modifiable (If thats even a word). When the pictures first came out I thought they were bringing back the Toyota Supra but then they mentioned the name and their target market. Toyota has been working on their aggressive rear-wheel-drive sports concept for several years now, but these studio pics look like the real deal. Its supposed to go intro production in 2012 but with the situation in Japan I’m not sure if everything is on track. I really like the final pics of this car.

Link: Autoblog

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Tire Change @ Hunter

Friday I had a little vibration as I was speeding above 80 kph in the Landcruiser, usually the car is pretty smooth so I wasn’t sure what was going on. Friday night I didn’t enough time to check out the balance and alignment. I’m 100% sure that the alignment is off since I have been a little rough with the car, and any bump or hole is fair game when I’m driving in the Landcruiser.

So I decided to pass by Hunter to check my alignment and wheel balance, since they are the best at it in the market. They took off the tires on the right side and my front tire had this little bump coming out of the side, seems like I hit something a little too hard. He saw my front tires and said I drive aggressively since my front tires had very little tread left and my rear tires still had some life. After about 38’800 Kms I decided to change all four tires, but I thought I would do it at a later stage but to my surprise he had the tires that I love. Recently Michelin/BF Goodrich have brought in the BF Goodrich All-Terrains which are the best all rounds tires I have ever used, thats what I used while in the states. And they have just started bring them in, in different sizes to Kuwait not just for the H2.

My Yokohama Geolanders lasted a very long time, they are good tires overall, more street oriented and for overall use. But they weren’t too goo on wet surfaces or for use in the desert or dirt roads. Now the BF Goodrich All-Terrains are fantastic in the rain, have an aggressive looking tread but is very quiet, its great in the dirt, and fantastic traction. My original tires were 265/65/R17 but I went for the larger BF Goodrich 275/70/R16 which a bit wider and taller, and it fit snugly in the Landcruiser’s wheel well. With the difference in size there isn’t too much of an effect except that when reading the speedometer your probably going a little slower then what is stated, but other then that the car is perfect. I drove about 120 Kms today without it rubbing in any situations and I was a bit aggressive with them today, and I was happy with the extra traction, and I especially love the aggressive look in comparison to the older tires. After the tires were installed I no longer had the vibration issue and all is well, but I still need to an alignment which I will do later. Got each tire for 60 KD for a total of 240 KD, and an alignment with the Hunter computer will cost an extra 20 KD which I will do at a later stage. I love these new tires.

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Wheel Clamp


This is just ridiculous, I got a clamp on my tire when I stepped out of the car for exactly 3 mins, I walked in to get measurements for a dishdasha and walked back and saw the cop running away. He was literally running away to his car, even when I called out to him he looked back and jumped in the Ford Excursion and took off. I was in the city by a street called Salhiya Street which is close to where the old Samsung store is now called Centro, there is also a Casio store there, just opposite the tall communications tower (Burj Al Tahreer). When I was looking for parking I circled the area twice looking for parking with nothing available, so instead of blocking traffic I decided to park on the sidewalk thinking that I wouldn’t be too long and I was out quick to see that scene.

I could understand the fine, and I will pay it as I was parked illegally but so was 30 cars behind me which turned the road into a one lane road instead of two and lanes and some parking. Now why do they have to inconvenience people to get the clamp off, and the correct process to get it done is very annoying. You have to wait for Ministery of Interior office to go pay the bill their which is only open in the morning, then you have to wait for the guy to unlock the clamp which can take anywhere between 2 hours to the next day which you will not know. I called a few people and got someone to help me out and told me to sit tight, I had the car on and I was listening to music and bbming people. I was honestly not in a bad mood but it was a waste of time. He called back and said a police car will be back in 10 mins, he even knew the details of my car from what they were told. Now I have been through the legal process of the clamp, and it isn’t a deterrent from parking illegally. In the states I made the the mistake of parking in a handicap spot when I first move there and cop came over and gave me a $360 ticket and I never parked in a handicap spot ever again, I even when to the judge to make the payment over installments which they were more then happy to do. In this case it was a 5KD fine and the police car came after 65 minutes while I had the car on and sitting inside having a conversation with a friend on the phone. And I continued on my way and thanked him for opening even though it was the guy who ran off earlier. I was fine but it looked like he was walking the walk of shame for some reason, maybe because he was called back to unlock it. I’m lucky who called a friend but what about people who can resolve this quickly, give a simple quicker process but for a higher fee and people will pay. I don’t blame the police but the law that does not make any sense instead of motivating people to go about it the right way and the other matter is the nonexistence of parking in the city but thats another issue.

TG M600, LFA, & Fiat in the Cold

Noble is a maker of race bred machines, only to make one very scary 600+ bhp M600. This machine is so mechanically brutal it has no GPS, no Air Conditioning, No ABS, basically nothing that requires a computer to think. You have your gearbox, your engine, and tires to the ground. Even Jeremy Clarkson was genuinely petrified from this machine, and he should be there is no room for mistakes with this machine around the track for 200’000 British Pounds you can get a lot of amazing super cars, but none of them can beat them on the road.

This is the first video Adverstisment of the Lexus LFA, there is so much pride for this machine. Toyota really built this machine out of pride, only 500 will be made and at a loss. I am envious of those who will buy this machine, it will be priced at 180’000 KWD in Kuwait with a waiting list already at 10. It isn’t the most powerful machine available but one of the most technologically advanced machines on the face of the planet.

I am a fan of the Fiat 500 but these women must have froven their butts off in the cold.

Lexus ♥ iPod


The one annoying thing about the 2008/09 Lexus LX 570 & Toyota Landcruiser is that they can’t integrate with the iPod. You have to buy an aftermarket adapter to integrate into the system, and in my case I found a perfect solution which worked for me but you would expect a car as expensive as that to be able to integrate without issues. It seems Toyota heard people’s complaints, with the 2010 Landcruiser / Lexus LX 570 all you have to do is plug into the iPod into the USB slot next to the gear handle and it integrates right into your audio system with all files, playlists, and other details showing up on the screen. I have a 2009 Landcruiser so I got my solution which works for me, and my friend just purchased a 2010 LX 570 and that suv connects right away without any issues. Toyota always does this, they release a few options year after year, and if you bought the model year before then tough luck you can’t upgrade that option in your car even though its just a software thing, its good they keep upgrading but it’s annoying when it was something as simple as iPod integration, well good for all those who will be buying a new LX 570 or Landcruiser.

Landcruiser Gone

After several months now I have at last sold my car, the odd thing is that I never put it up on Q8Car, I wanted to but never got around to it. I tried selling it through one of those dealers in Sharq, but he pretty much tossed my car in the back of the lot for a while, he was even asking 200 KD for the sale if it happened, and he said that since it has been on his lot for so long that he had to be paid 100 KD which I refused since he didn’t bother trying to sell the car after all these months.

I took the car to a friend a couple of weeks back and said he probably has a few interested buyers. And true to his word the car was sold in a couple of weeks, wish I did that before instead of going to those sharq shops. I got a very nice price for it too, so I’m happy about the sale. We went last night to a insurance transfer company, to get the transfer papers, any one of those places by the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait City. After getting that done for 4.5 KD we headed to Ministry of Interior Personal Services in De’eyah. We took a ticket, and waited, there were lots of people getting civil ID paper work, car transfers like us, updating other paper work. There were lots of women working behind the counters, they were mostly scary cone heads as I like to call them. They had a ticker system where you wait to be called your turn, but that system only works when the women behind the counter click the button to go to the next number and a lot of them weren’t clicking it. There was one woman who really wasn’t doing anything at all but sitting there, right in front of us, she would act like she is doing something but she wasn’t for at least 15 minutes, I noticed her clicking the same buttons on the keyboard several times over 15 minutes. I felt like I was studying newly discovered creatures from behind a glass, you don’t want to make direct eye contact with them or it might be fatal. Luckily one guy was working there knew my friend so we managed to get that done quickly and so the new car registration was completed with a 5 KD stamp from the vending machine by the door.

It was strange seeing the Landcruiser and know it isn’t mine anymore, but at least I know the owner will take good care of the car.

iPod Disappearance @ Toyota

Usually when I’m traveling I try to get a car service done or anything that would take some time to get done. I had this arranged with Toyota to get my 10K service and a little paint job done for the Landcruiser. It took a total of two and a half days to get it all done, when my friend went to pick it up the Body Shop Manager told him that the iPod from my car was missing and they can’t find it, it was listed in the original paper when the car was submitted and they can’t find it. Now my friend went a little ballistic on them before I even knew, but they offered right away to purchase a new one for me. So he called up Alghanim Electronics and they are sold out and waiting for the new iPod Classics which were announced. The body shop work cost 95 KD and the 10 KD service was 25 KD, and the cost of the iPod Classic 120 GB was 85 KD. But it wasn’t available so I ordered it from Amazon and emailed my friend the emailed invoice, he sent it to them and they were reluctant to pay since it was an emailed invoice but after my friend spoke to the Body Shop Manager again, they paid the 80 KD, but that doesn’t include Aramex shipping but I didn’t mind. I usually take out all the items from my car but I wasn’t there this time around, but I have to say I was surprised this happened at Toyota, at BMW I would expect it in Kuwait but not Toyota. They were gracious enough to offer to pay right away, even if it took a little arguing.