Remembering Steve Jobs

Would you believe that it has been a year since Steve Jobs passed away, I honestly never thought about it. He was the heart and soul of Apple, and even if I didn’t like everything he did I respected him and I admire his passion towards his products. Apple only became what it is because of him and I hope that it continues down this path.

On that note it made me think of my next Apple Purchases, and that is already in my head:

  • iPod Touch 64 GB
  • iPod Nano 16 GB
  • iPad Mini (When It Comes Out)

I haven’t gotten any of them yet, but I really do want the iPod Touch, for once they really upgraded it to what it’s supposed to be.

StarCraft 2 – PaperCraft

When I saw these images I thought they were computer generated images, they look exactly like the troops in StarCraft. Well these aren’t computer generated but paper generated to be exact, somebody made all these amazing models out of paper, and they look insanely real. An amazing tribute to StarCraft, I’m still shocked that these are made from paper.

Link: Kotaku

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