For The Love Of Ray-J


Ray J, or Moesha’s cousin from the show Moesha is now a little more famous then Moesha now due to music carear. I won’t lie, I do like the song “Sexy Can I” but that is about it for his musical talents, some how he managed to land a sitcom on VH1 where he wants to find “a ride or die chick, a chick that makes me want to get out of the game.” You can click the link below saying which one you think he should choose, I chose Caviar. (More pics after the break)



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Review: Burn Notice

People are always interested by the job of spies, but what do they do after their job is done or not. A spy doesn’t get fired, they get a burn notice. Michael Westin is that spy and he ends up in Miami, stuck in his situation trying to figure out who burned him, and he has only a trigger happy ex-girlfriend and an old drunk friend to help him out. As he is trying to figure out who burned him, he takes care of a few odd missions here and there to make some money and help people out. Action packed episodes in Miami, good music, and an interesting story line. A fresh show that keeps you on your toes and entertained at every turn,  really worth watching, the first season was very good and now the second season is starting.

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For $7900 you can be a proud owner of a life size Battle Star Gallactica Cylon. I have been waiting to watch Battle Star Gallactica, I have the DVDs and the shows, but I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet. I just keep hearing about how good it is, I haven’t even watched it and I have been a fan of it. Now this statue is just too cool, I wonder how freaky it is seeing it a night in a pitch black room.

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Enterprise Addiction

I kept hearing for a while that Star Trek Enterprise was a good show, and it was causing a lot of controversy. It was meant to be different the rest of the Star Treks, it depicts the beginning of Star Fleet and the development of human exploration. They have no rules to go by, but you can see the early stages of all the species that they will be encountering and later on forging alliances or becoming enemies, its really fun hearing the names and knowing in the future what their relationships will be with the different empires because of the past Star Treks.

I have been a huge Star Trek fan since Star Trek: The Next Generation, then followed by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which I thought wasn’t the best of the Star Treks. I always preferred them on ships, and then came Star Trek: Voyager which I loved. I was saddened to know that Enterprise was going to be the last of the Star Trek series, I hope that isn’t the case but that is what was announced. The show has four full seasons, and I am still on Season 1, I can’t seem to get enough of it, I am staying up late and watching any episodes all in my spare time, the show as allowed to finish its fourth season but canceled after that, I think thats a mistake but we shall see if anything develops after that.

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The Big Bang Theory

For any person with a sense of nerdiness in them this is the show for you. A couple of hyperintelligent roommates/physicists meet a hot blond who moves in across the hall. Their life revolves around gaming, online life, their work, and no interaction with the outside world what so ever, meeting penny changes things and things are tumbling as they step into an unknown realm. Sarcasm is an understatement of this show, the quality of comedy is refreshing to the usual boy/girl type relationships, you can really relate to the guys and the show is funny from episode to episode. You don’t have to follow any of the episodes, just watch it and enjoy.

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Jack & Apple

For the longest time I was content with all the other MP3 players I have had such as the iRivers and Cowoons, currently I’m very happy with my iRiver. But after seeing this I have to have my iPod touch. I don’t care for Apple, but this is an amazing etching of Jack Bauer. I think I might not even use it, just to keep it in its case. They have come out with a lot of cool products for 24. I am very much contemplating purchasing this product.

There is not question that I will be getting these t-shirts. There are three different T-shirts and I want to get all of them.

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