Found: The Ugliest House in Kuwait – “Villa Akbar”

A friend told me there is a very ugly house in Miseela, extremely ugly, and when I passed by I was shocked. I know different people have different tastes but there is no excuse for this atrocity of a house. I feel really bad for the neighbors, they have to live next to this eye sore day in and day out. Its horrid and just looking at it makes you feel nauseated, I can’t believe the amount of statues they have and what they have painted to the outer wall.

I think someone would be doing the world a favor if it was demolished. I can’t believe somebody really paid to have this built, and they named it Villa Akbar.

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Fashion in Carrefour

We were walking in Carrefour on Friday morning, and I was shocked to see this. I’m used to seeing this in the Emirates, and even in the Emirates some how Emirates women pull this off without the need for yogurt cups or other forms of support accessories. Seeing this in Kuwait just pushes the fashion statements even farther south, I just found out that some women use coke cans in their hair or under the covers which is even more shocking then the first time I found out about the yogurt cups, how high do they want to go? Someone needs to inform them that the raccoon eyes doesn’t look good either, and more make up doesn’t mean better, in their case it has formed into a colorful layer of cement.