Corvette Z03 – Ugur Sahin partners with Mallett for 999 bhp Twin Turbo Corvette

Its rare to see a design company that creates concept vehicles suddenly make it into a production vehicle. This is what happened with Ugur Sahin Design, they joined up with Mallet Cars to make for a very mean looking machine.


The body has been redesigned with functionality in mind, creating more downforce and more space for engine modifications. The modified body is available for $69,000, but there are also other vehicle modifications which include suspension, interior, engine, and brakes. You can have the Z03 with 700 bhp which will cost you $32,000 or the 999 bhp model for $35,795. All of this and you have yet to include the price of a Z06, I don’t know what the performance of this car will be like but all I know is that it looks mean and it has the bite to go with the bark.

Link: Autoblog


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