Plasma Design Business Cards

Every once in a while you see a unique business card that draws your attention and Steve Wozniaks’ card always draws attention. One because its Steve Wozniak or The Other Steve @ Apple, and two because its made out of steel which is very cool. Plasma Design is a company which makes creative cards out different kinds of steels and plastics based on your design or something they can put together. These cards are high quality steel and extremely thin, a few hundred microns to be exact. I think they are really cool and would want to have a card like that, but you would have to pick specific people to give this card to as it is expensive as hell. Depending on the type of card you pick and the thickness it could range from $550 for 100 cards and go all the way up to $19000 for 5000 cards. Still I think they are extremely cool and unique cards, click the link for more details and information about them.

Link: PlasmaDesign

Bouncing Around


The last couple of days I have been going from meeting to meeting at a ridiculous rate not even being able to enjoy the beautiful weather while I was in London. British Airways are on strike so I took Royal Jordanian, and I had a meeting in Amman on the way back. I have to say that I was very impressed with Royal Jordanian, the service was fantastic and the planes are brand new, pricing is decent, but the airport is a old.

Getting into London Thursday I met up with some friends but I was still busy with work and my phone wouldn’t stop ringing. I wanted to see a movie at night but I was too damn exhausted that I passed out as soon as I got to the hotel. The next day I had meetings in the early morning onwards but I managed to get some time later in the day to go see one movie, but the weather was amazing in London and everyone was outside walking around. I didn’t realize how much I have missed London it’s been a while since I’ve walked around, then I realized how long its been since I took a long vacation. The stay in London was too short and too busy with work but I managed to get a lot done, then headed to Amman for one meeting then back to Kuwait.