Books to Q8Books

I went through my old storage earlier knowing that I had a disorganized mess to deal with and a ton of books. I was looking at the shelving and wondering how it was holding up with all that weight. I took everything out and started reorganizing everything, first thing I did was to organize all the books and items I had. I sorted out the books into two piles, books I read and those I haven’t. Then I organized them into books that I wanted to give away to Q8Books. This whole process of cleaning up and reorganizing took about an hour and half, I ended up having over 100 books to give to them.

The process was simple I called them up and they asked what type of books, I told them th e range is huge. So many type of books and they said they would accept it but a few books they didn’t want such as accademic books but I decided to give them the whole lots since it was only a few academic books. They said they would offer money for some books and credit for others at their store, but honestly I didn’t want either and asked that they take care of them, and at least sold them to someone who could make more use of it then me at this point. After I was done, reorganized all the books into a way that I found to be more coherent, might not make a lot of sense to people but it looks organized and somewhat related when I look at them now. Took the books in a very big old traveling bag that we didn’t use anymore, it easily weighed over 100 KGs with all those books, had to get some help to get the bag out of the car.

To find Q8 Books go to , they even have a nice inventory of items to check out.

Used Books


A few different book piles here and there, some I have gone through and a lot I haven’t but now the problem I have is the pile of books that I have read. There are a lot of books that I want to keep and a few I don’t want to keep anymore. The thing is I will never throw books away even if I don’t want them anymore, usually in the states I used to trade them in at the bookstore or I give them away to a used book store or someone that can make use of it.

I haven’t found a place such as this in Kuwait, I have looked around a bit but not sure where to look exactly. I want to give the books away but I’m not sure if they would be appropriate in a public library, or how well they would be treated in the English section. I just want to give them away to a place that could make use of them or sell them, some are reference books and some are fiction & non-fiction books. Anyone found a used book store that would take books?