BMW M6 2014 – Grand Coupe



  • Price: 45’000 KWD
  • Power: 552bhp
  • Torque: 502lb ft
  • 0-62mph: 4.2 secs
  • Top speed: 190mph (delimited)
  • Economy: 28.5mpg
  • CO2: 232g/km
  • Weight: 1950kg
  • Engine: 4395cc V8 twin-turbo
  • Transmission: Seven-speed DSG, RWD


I honestly wasn’t expecting this machine from BMW, the M Division used to be for racing machines, but over the years has developed into luxurious speed demons, so when the M6 Grand Coupe came out I didn’t know what to expect, I thought the M6 & M5 would be it for the big cars from the M Division. The M4 is coming because the M3 is no longer being produced, then you the Z Roadster M, but the M6 GC was a very pleasant surprise. I worried the gap between the M5 & M6 was so infinitesimally small as to render the M6 GC redundant, but, with its frame-less doors, bespoke M-Division goodies – carbon ceramic brakes with beautiful gold calipers, new twin-strut front grille, neat rear diffuser – it really does feel far more special than either. I have driven the new M6 and it is an amazing machine, and then I drove the M5 and I was genuinely disappointed. So where would this car fit into the mix.


To my eyes at least, it looks fantastic, no doubt the best of the current M crop and arguably BMW’s best-looking M-car in the best part of a decade. And not only is the GC easier on the eyes than the standard M6, even though I have always loved the M6 but the four-door coupe bodyshell seems a better match for the broad-chested V8 powerplant. From all the reviews I have read, everyone said the M6 GC is different then the M5, so different it got everything right that the M5 got wrong. I got the wrong feeling when I drove the M5, it was just good on a straight line, that’s it, but this machine looks to have gotten the right touch from the M Division and BMW Engineering.


The expense is ridiculous but that will drop, and odd the M6 GC may be, but it’s a winner: certainly my favourite of BMW’s big M cars and one of the finest fast Germans on sale. Good enough to defeat the bruising CLS 63 AMG, not to mention Audi’s upcoming RS7? It’ll be fun finding out when they match them up.


BMW M5 – Bullet

No scantily clad women, no overtly gratuitous tire smoke – just a 560-horsepower super sedan doing its best impression of a bullet.

I just love the sound of the new BMW M5, they seriously built a scary machine and they brought it nicely together in this video. I think is my favorite color for the BMW M5.

2012 BMW M5

Ladies and Gentlemen the beast has been unveiled, so much talk about this machine and at last it has been shown to the masses. The next iteration of a very mean four door sedan. There is something that I find to be very attractive about the M5 from the original version until now and I love that BMW keeps making these aggressive machines, and I especially like it in this color, this blue is probably my favorite color.

The 2012 M5 is about more than mere surface beauty, after all. The sonorous V10 of the last M5 has been traded out for a twin-turbocharged V8 fist. Power is up, with 552 horsepower (the V10 produced 507 hp) coming on at 6,000 rpm – 1,750 rpm lower than the V10. Torque is hugely boosted from 383 pound-feet to 501 lb-ft, which will be great for shoving this car to 60 miles per hour in a reported 4.4 seconds. That’ll route to the rear wheels via a standard dual-clutch transmission, though a proper six-speed stick. The cost of entry is rumored to be around €100,000 in Germany, which is around 39,000 KWD which I’m assuming it will be close to in Kuwait.

Link: Autoblog

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MTM Audi R8 GT3-2

The Audi R8 is an intriguing machine that has taken the supersports by storm, amazingly handling and powerful machine, but it just needed a little tweak to make it that monster on the street. That is why there are successful German aftermarket companies such as MTM around. They have turned this V8 R8 into a different type of creature on the road based on its many modifications turning it into the GT3-2.

The modified 4.2 Liter V8 has been done but the modification to the drivetrain is something new. The Quattro since has been changed to a pure rear wheel driving machine, changing the driving dynamics of the machine behind that Audi steering wheel. Carbon fiber aerodynamic parts, large front and rear brakes, adjustible suspension, Bilstein adjustable suspension, MTM’s Bimoto forged wheels are some of the changes made. For the most important part being the modified engine bringing it to 560 bhp and 428 lb-ft, a little more pull then the R8 V10 and a different driving experience.

Link: Autoblog

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Landcruiser Gone

After several months now I have at last sold my car, the odd thing is that I never put it up on Q8Car, I wanted to but never got around to it. I tried selling it through one of those dealers in Sharq, but he pretty much tossed my car in the back of the lot for a while, he was even asking 200 KD for the sale if it happened, and he said that since it has been on his lot for so long that he had to be paid 100 KD which I refused since he didn’t bother trying to sell the car after all these months.

I took the car to a friend a couple of weeks back and said he probably has a few interested buyers. And true to his word the car was sold in a couple of weeks, wish I did that before instead of going to those sharq shops. I got a very nice price for it too, so I’m happy about the sale. We went last night to a insurance transfer company, to get the transfer papers, any one of those places by the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait City. After getting that done for 4.5 KD we headed to Ministry of Interior Personal Services in De’eyah. We took a ticket, and waited, there were lots of people getting civil ID paper work, car transfers like us, updating other paper work. There were lots of women working behind the counters, they were mostly scary cone heads as I like to call them. They had a ticker system where you wait to be called your turn, but that system only works when the women behind the counter click the button to go to the next number and a lot of them weren’t clicking it. There was one woman who really wasn’t doing anything at all but sitting there, right in front of us, she would act like she is doing something but she wasn’t for at least 15 minutes, I noticed her clicking the same buttons on the keyboard several times over 15 minutes. I felt like I was studying newly discovered creatures from behind a glass, you don’t want to make direct eye contact with them or it might be fatal. Luckily one guy was working there knew my friend so we managed to get that done quickly and so the new car registration was completed with a 5 KD stamp from the vending machine by the door.

It was strange seeing the Landcruiser and know it isn’t mine anymore, but at least I know the owner will take good care of the car.