Group On – Behind The Curtains


Group On has been talked about for the last two years, the next big thing in the web, the ones who refused Google, the ones who are going to take to the next level. I didn’t get how exactly they were making money or what they were doing, and then they got a lot of negative press, they lost their top management within months and the CEO and Chairman were till their messing about. From the hype of being of an untouchable company turning down a Google buyout of $6 Billion and then falling from grace with the expectations for its market cap had fallen from $30 billion to closer to $10 billion. There is big story behind the scenes, check out the story from Gawker from the link below.

Link: Gawker

Valleywag – Tech Dirt


You hear a lot of good things about big companies, especially tech companies but there is a lot of dirt to go around but very few talk about it. Well not as much as Valleywag, they are the TMZ of tech companies, they bother everyone, talk about their dirty theories and spread bad news like wildfire. It’s always good to know that Google and Apple aren’t the saints they try to portray, every company has its dirt and what every Steve Jobs has they bring it to light. They seem to love to talk about Mark Zuckerberg, the guy behind Facebook and all his dirty tricks and skeletons in the closet and how they have the new movie about them. They talk about HP and Oracle like it’s a big boys club, and the sex listings on Craigslist that has just shut down. Anything dirty on tech companies can be found at Valleywag and its always entertaining.

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Link: ValleyWag