Police Supercars


When people think police they don’t think Supercars or machines that can fly past a helicopter, but there are a few countries with high speed police that can chase you down. Well at least these police departments have some interesting machines to chase people, I know that some of them are for show but I know the Italian Polizia have used their vehicle during chases.

  • Germany – Brabus Rocket – Top Speed: 362 kph
  • Dubai – Lamborghini Aventador – 349 kph
  • Italy – Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder – Polizia Municipale – 324 kph
  • Belgium – Porsche 911 997 Turbo – 312 kph
  • Holland – Spyker C8 – Flevoland Police – 300 kph
  • Italy – Lotus Evora S – Carbinieri – 261 kph


50th Anniversary Lamborghini Event


Lamborghini is celebrating its 50th anniversary in style, and that includes a gathering of 350 ‘raging bull’ branded cars, which would take the tour starting from Milan up until Bologna, the end-point being the headquarters of Lamborghini! You know what, not all Lamborghinis were welcomed to join its 50th Anniversary Grand Tour. The brand had allowed only the modern and vintage model entry, that too with a valid license plate.


Thanks to the filtering, the fleet of supercars from the brand has been an interesting mix: 350 GTs, 400 GTs, Miuras, Espadas, Jaramas, Urracos, Countaches, LM 002, Diablos and Murcielagos. The five-day long tour from May 7 to May 11 would pass through breathtaking landscapes of Lombardia, Toscana, Lazio, Umbria and Emilia Romagna, stopping over in Forte Dei Marmi, Grosseto, Roma, San Giustino Valdarno and Bologna, where they will arrive on May 10.


So many beautiful machines in this event, out of the 350 beautiful Italian machines participating there are a few that are participating from Kuwait. How much better could it get to have a high speed escort across Italy being led by a Lamborghini Police Car. I spot four cars from Kuwait in the video, three together in the middle of the video and one orange one towards the 3/4’s of the video. So many beautiful colors, and some of the machines are a bit over the top but still fun, loved the sound of the exhausts in the video.

Link: LuxuryLaunches



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Movie Car Posters

Some very cool car posters related to all kinds of nerdiness and pop culture, from movies to tv shows and video games. A lot of famous vehicles you can choose from and some interesting ones that take a bit to figure out. I like the idea that each poster is named after the vehicle so it takes a bit to figure them out and some of them are obvious, if I had the right place I would hang these up for sure.

  • Halo – Warthog
  • Ghost Busters – Ectomobile
  • Big Trouble In Little China – Jack Burton Express
  • Back To The Future – Delorean Time Machine

Link: MovieCarPosters

James Bond Vehicle History Infographic


If you are even a remote fan of James Bond you will love this infographic about the vehicles that he has driven over the decades. There isn’t a man out there that doesn’t want to be James Bond, life on the edge, the women, the mission, the gadgets & weapons, and especially the cars. This infographic is fantastic but surprisingly its missing two important cars, one is the introduction of the hugely controversial and successful BMW Z3, it was the first Bond movie without an Aston Martin and at the time the vehicle was not released, I remember thinking it was so cool in Golden Eye. And the other vehicle is the BMW E38 750iL, which was so tricked out that can’t take out anyone and anything, I remember it was one of the first movies for a real car to be controlled by remote control and Pierce Brosnan was controlling from his phone, I just loved that and the car could take anything. For cars that had such an impact I’m surprised they are not on the list but the infographic is fantastic.

My Favorite Bond Cars:

  • Aston Marting V8 Vantage Volante
  • Aston Martin DB5 (All Of Them)
  • BMW Z8 (Still One Of My Favorite Beemers)
  • Lotus Espirit Turbo

Click the infographic below to get the larger version
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Huper Optik – Vehicle Protection

After a recent paint job at the dealership my car needed protection on the front of the beemer. A large part of the car was repainted and looking very nice, I loved the clean look and I repainted the rims to gun metal grey. A week after the polish I decided to take my car to Huper Optik to get my car protection done, they said it would take about 4-5 hours to get my car done. They asked if I want halfway up the hood or the whole hood covered, and I just wanted halfway up.

They were working on a few other cars while I was there and said I can pick up my car by 6 pm. I dropped my car at 12 pm and they were working on a few other cars, I told them I wasn’t in any hurry to take the car and didn’t mind picking it up later. I wanted to pay my bill now so I can just pick up my car later, it was 185 KD which was discounted from the original 220 KD, side view mirrorss, A pillars, and about 15 cm on the roof of the car. I loved the work once they were done, the curves fit perfectly, no bubbles, no stretching in some areas, perfectly rounded around all the corners as well as around the lights it curved like the body of the car, and the best part is that you can’t see it when your looking at the car. They called me up at 5 pm telling me the car is done and ready to be picked up, I have to not wash it for two days to let the protection take hold before cleaning it again. They did an amazing job and faster then I expected, picked up the car and took off home to take a good look during daytime the next day just to double check.

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Heritage Car Show in Kuwait

Got a call from Wehbi about the Car Show next to 360 Mall, and some interesting combination of cars in the show. I wasn’t aware of location, but he gave me spot on directions to the car show, so I thought I would head there directly after lunch. Took me 5 minutes down the 6th Ring Road and I got there, luckily there was a lot of parking and it was held in a very nice grassy area. I’m a bit disappointed with the venues in Kuwait, Mishref grounds used to be state of the art 20 years ago but now it feels like its just falling apart and there is no major improvement which does need to happen. I was just happy there was this type of car show taking place in Kuwait, they should take place more often.

There are cars inside and outside, I like the trucks and a few sports cars outside, I was curious what would be inside. There were a bunch of GTOs, some Corvettes, a few Aston Martins, and a lot of cars. The event seems very nicely organized, it takes 10 minutes to enjoy and walk around the whole thing, lots of nice cars, well taken care of and maintained. I saw a couple of cars that I liked but the one I liked the most was the SS & the Dodge Power Wagon outside, I really liked the trucks. Its great seeing people enjoying their cars and taking care of them, more should be done to promote events such as these.

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Girls & Their Cars

There are a few cars that girls like and this one tops the list, most first cars that girls purchase out of college or during collage even is a Range Rover. I’m not exactly sure as to the reason why girls love this car, but they do some damage with it when they driving since it is a big car and some throw it around. Every girl has found the right spot for her make up or bag inside the car with lots of space, and some girls do look good in the car. I still don’t understand the relationship between women and this car, its as if its the automatic first choice for most girls. I’m not a fan of the Range Rover, its too plasticky for me, the dash is too far from you, and it feels like parts come apart at the seams.

Now this has been an interesting machine over the years, Aston Martin has improved their vehicle line up and now they have the Rapide coming up. Every girl’s dream car is the Aston Martin, the DB9 is preferred on that list. I always thought that a loud machine such as that wouldn’t be appealing to a girl but surprisingly lots of girls want this car, I would think they would want a Ferrari or a Maserati but I was completely wrong, girls talk about this car as if its the top of the list. I do like the cars but I think the dealership in Kuwait is a disaster, but girls only care about the car and they do love this one.