Victoria Secret Congratulating Rosie

Victoria’s Secret has decided to congratulate model Rosie Huntington-Whitely on her acquisition of a lead role in Transformers 3. And while the newsworthiness of this escapes me, the video below certainly is shiny and fully of slender abdomen. It’s no wonder that Expendables star Jason Statham is currently getting as much Huntington-Whiteley (seriously, can we get this lady a nickname?) time as possible these days.

I couldn’t have said it better then myself, it seems that she really is the new girlfriend for Sam Witwicky in the upcoming Transformers 3. I wonder how they will tie up the story line with Megan out of the picture, but they seem to be pumping up Rosie a lot these days for her new role. Lets just hope her acting is as good as she looks.

Link: FilmSchoolRejects


Victoria’s Secret Commercial By Michael Bay HD

This isn’t a video that I would play in the office, but Michael Bay knows how to make his movies. In Transformers a humanoid Decepticon played by Isabel Lucas, and she proceeded to seduce Sam, piss of Mikaela and tear up an entire college campus. Unlike the other Decepticons she took a more deceptive form and now there are other beauties lined up for the Victoria Secret Ad.

Link: FilmSchoolRejects

Adriana Lima & Victoria’s Secret $5 Million Fantasy Bra

That is probably the most expensive bra on the hottest women on this planet, what a combination. I think that Adriana Lima is the hottest Victoria Secret Angel that has ever been, period. This Victoria Secret bra set with 3,575 black diamonds, and 117 of them are 1 carat diamonds.

Designed for maximum cleavage enhancement and adorned with nearly 3,900 stunning gems, it’s the ultimate fantasy gift. Total carat weight: 1500 ct. $5,000,000

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