Halo: Reach – Deliver Hope

Nothing left for the count down to finish until the release of Halo Reach. I don’t know what to expect but my expectations are high, I’m expecting lots of gaming hours and lots of fun. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it and playing endless hours of multiplayer and getting annihilated, and beating the campaign mode and kicking ass on XBox Live! When I see these teasers I think they should really make the movie, I’m annoyed they haven’t yet.

iPad Games – Updated 08/10


AirAttack HD

For the regular arcade airplane shooting game then this is your best choice, lots of upgrades, different kinds of enemies with a nice fast pace. Its the perfect game to play for a short time you want to kill, great graphics and lots of fun plane upgrades to work with, and when you stop in the middle of stages you can continue later which is great.

Time Consumption: Short


Highborn HD

If you like fantasy turn based games where you have different characters to fight for different reasons and you have to make sure your troops are positioned stratigically then this game is for you. Sort of like Might & Magic but much much simpler and pretty fun, I have had my frustration when I lost a few times but still a lot of fun and you can kill a lot of time playing this game.

Time Consumption: High



Simply put this is the iPad version of risk with multiple maps and its a hell of a lot of fun. The concept is the same, you want to take continents to build troops and attack others. For some reason I keep getting my butt handed to me, the bots always know how to position themselves to beat me or the odds are really against you with the dices so I think there is some cheating going on but maybe I’m just not that good yet.

Time Consumption: Medium

Diablo III – Screen Shots

I am spending as much time as I possibly can playing StarCraft II and at times it doesn’t do it justice and it isn’t enough time. I really want to play a hell of a lot more of SCII but time is something I currently lacking. Looking at the upcoming Diablo III it looks insane, a fantastic game to play soon. I’m just happy that they might not be releasing it until 2011 since that will give me enough time to finish and enjoy all the multiplayer games of SCII, not including the challenges and the custom games. Now with all the time they have made an amazing game with SCII I’m expecting that they won’t be disappointing with Diablo III either.

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New XBox 360

It seems they have revamped the design completely and it is up for sale at this point. They have really revamped it with all the minor improvements in one, its not a new system its just a really good revamp. If you don’t have an XBox then this is worth getting since its a very good improvement, and its also about 20% smaller then before which is always a great improvement. The built-in hard drive is needed addition, and I like all they have done but I’m surprised they haven’t included a Blu-Ray in this upgrade, I’m really not sure what they are waiting for, and if its just a matter of cost.

Major Updates

  • Touch sensitive on/off and eject buttons (like the PS3)
  • “Much quieter”
  • 250GB internal hard drive, which is still swappable
  • A custom Kinect port (not a standard USB port—it’s a USB port that can feed more power)
  • There are five USB ports now, with three in the back and two in the front
  • AV cable included, an HDMI and optical audio
  • Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi
  • Different power supply—it’s still big but nearly weightless
  • External Xbox 360 hard drives and memory units are NOT compatible with the new Xbox
  • Internal components that are changed: two small fans changed into one large fan for quieter operation, 45nm integrated CPU and GPU
  • Price at $300

Link: Gizmodo

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3

These types of old arcade fighting games from Capcom are still one of those entertaining games with lots of fighting going on. Ryu kicking the Hulks ass, and Iron Man blowing Sagat away, just a lot of fun pilled up into a simple game. I think the gameplay is improved in this one since after Street Fighter IV the bar was set pretty high. The screen shots look pretty good with the same Street Fighter IV feel to it, even though I know I will probably have my ass handed to me with these games, its always about the combination you can pull off.

Link: Kotaku

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Master Chief is Real

Now this is as real as it gets, Gixxer85 from Malaysia painstakingly recreated the Master Cheif suit down to every detail. Then going to an abandoned building with his custom Spartan suit to be photographed by professional photographers. He even equipped his helmet to have an LED powered helmet and fans to keep him cool while wearing the helmet. You can see the detail in his armor and helmet, now I really wish they were making the movie.

Link: Kotaku

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StarCraft II – Release Date Confirmed

“We’ve been looking forward to revisiting the StarCraft universe for many years, and we’re excited that the time for that is almost here,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “Thanks to our beta testers, we’re making great progress on the final stages of development, and we’ll be ready to welcome players all over the world to StarCraft II and the new Battle.net® in just a few months.”

The Release Date: July 27, 2010

After so many years the day has come that StarCraft 2 will officially be released, I can’t beleive that it is so close, less then three months away. I got so used to the delays year after year I had no expectations to see it soon even after pre-ordering it Amazon, but seeing the date officially release from Blizzard has me excited. Now to plan for some free time during end of July to really get into the game, I want to enjoy the campaign mode before getting slaughtered in the online MultiPlayer as there are a lot of experienced gamers still playing the game since 1998.

Link: PopCultureShock

Gears Of War 3 – Trailer

From the original Gears of War onwards we have developed high expectations for this game, and with this 3rd installment it looks good. The graphics look great, the action looks awesome, and the preview appears to confirm the addition of a female member to the COG squad. I’m excited, but the release date is still a long ways down. Gears of War 3 hits stores in April 2011.

Art of Patrick Brown


Patrick Brown can take any concept and turn into a cool and comic art form such as these. He has been featured in Kotaku and io9 for lots of post, they recently posted his Devian Arts link and I found a lot that I love. I have a lot of respect and awe for people who can draw like this, I always wanted to be able to draw comics and manga the way I have it pictured in my head, but the alas my hand does not move in the right way to show that image. Now with Patrick he has made amazing concepts from different video games and movies, each one is better then the other.


There are a lot more concepts in his Devian Art profile so check it out for the ones you like. I personally love Gears Of War2, Predator, Assassins Creed II, Snake Eater, Banner’s Daily Workout, and The Transportar. I honestly love them all, wish I could blow them up and have them on my wall.

Link: Patrick Brown DevianArt

(Assassins Creed II)
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StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty & Diablo III – PreOrder


The time has come to commence with the best two games that were created for PC. The build up has been long, for so many years we have been hearing on and off that Diablo III and StarCraft II will be coming out. Now the moment has come, they anounced that both games are available for PreOrder through Amazon. The moment I saw that it was available I went ahead and got the Special Edition Star Craft 2 which has the Original game and Expansion as well as the full art book, the book itself makes it worth it. Now I just have to wait patiently to get my hands on this game which will result in long hours of gaming. Amazing RTS with StarCraft 2, then developing my character with Diablo III. I’m honestly excited!

Link: Amazon Diablo 3
Link: Amazon StarCraft 2 Special Edition