Cardboard Warfare

This took about a month and a half of planning, making cardboard guns, filming, and editing. Sound, effects, editing, and filming by Clinton Jones, aka, pwnisher.

To make this video you need:

  • 254 Program crashes
  • 427 Manual frames to rotoscope
  • 59 Layers of sound effects
  • A BUTTLOAD of cardboard and box cutters
  • And a katamar

An action packed short film with cardboard as weaponry, the script is crap and the actors lack skill but the action is a lot of fun. A lot of fun most of worked into making this video, and the best part for me was when the tank came into view, great work synchronizing the effects.

Link: GeekTyrant


I never really thought of the AT-AT as a lovable house pet, more like a walking fortress with enough firepower to blow a city away. Now Patrick Bovin created this creative and funny video called AT-AT Day Afternoon, the life of a pet AT-AT. I just love the idea of a pet AT-AT.

Time Lapse: L.A. & Tokyo

Taking Matt Logue’s Empty L.A. and making a time lapse video out of it looks pretty good, still looks a bit eerie even with the light music. For anyone been to L.A. they will really know the traffic on the 405 and 10, being stuck in traffic drives you nuts, so the cars being off the road the whole day would be an interesting experience.

Another very cool time lapse but this one is of Tokyo and I like it more then the L.A. time lapse because of the night shot. This is all done using a Canon 7D which is amazing clarity at night. The best shot in my opinion is the airport scene, plane after plane landing in series.

Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Digital Blackbook

“The project aims to build the world’s largest archive of graffiti motion, and bring together two seemingly disparate communities that share an interest hacking systems, whether found in code or in the city,” Roth states.

I have always been a fan of graffiti, some of it is pretty cool and some of it is crude but I always admired the skills some of these people had. Now some people have taken up this project of archiving different kinds of graffiti, they even developed a programming language called GML, Graffiti Markup Language, which takes a lot of dedication to put together to accommodate the graffiti the way they want. I love the way they have the graffiti free standing as if its in its own space with no gravity.

Link: CoolHunting

GulfRun 5 @ The Track

One of the best GulfRun’s yet all compressed into a few intense minutes, again my hat goes off to NegativEffect for doing such a great job with this video. The best part for me was watching some of those guys drift, the guy with the ISF took his car to the extreme and that car can really drift. The Z4M did an amazing job on the track as well, some interesting surprises there. I really had fun at the autocross but I started drifting instead of trying to get a good time. So much done in an intense few days, I can’t wait for the next one but I need to improve my driving skills to get better on the track. The Vimeo version is the same but in better quality, I tend to like Vimeo more because of the quality but here is both.

Link: GulfRun Blog

Toy Cars Destruction

There is something very entertaining about explosives and there is a danger as well but this gentlemen has taken it to new hieghts. Slow motion capture of the destruction of his diecast vehicles with an amazing musical score to boot, the video is fantastically detailed and well done but I think that a lot of explosive material was needed to destroy the little machines as it did, for those don’t know don’t try but enjoy the video.

Link: Autoblog

Halo ODST – Live Trailer

I have preordered this game a long time back, but I don’t think I’m getting the special features because I’m ordering it through Amazon. But check out the live trailer they did for Halo ODST it gives you a real feel to the game, I really do hope they come out with the movie soon. The funny part are the “Red vs. Blue” Episodes about how the normal Halo players are afraid of the ODST players. I think we might have a chance with ODST but still get are asses handed to us.

GulfRun 5 – Trailer

Now this is making things a little more interesting, the first GulfRun 5 trailer is out and this is the first time they have put a trailer like this together. I got the email with a link to their post and a picture attached, now I’m really gonna enjoy this upcoming event and I wonder how that camera didn’t melt at the exhaust pipe. There isn’t anything that sounds better then the roar of an engine such as this. Good job NegativEffects with this edit and putting it all together, now I just hope you guys have more videos on the way.

Link: GulfRun