Picking A Typeface


Now this is an interesting process for picking a typeface, this is honestly a perfect thought process to match the typeface you want. It used to confuse the hell out of me when choosing fonts for different purposes, I would honestly write the words in Microsoft Word and go through applying the different fonts to see which one I like, it was a ridiculously tedious process and most of the time I didn’t come out with good results. But this is honestly an excellent process, recommending certain fonts to different purposes, people might say its a bit limiting but I think its useful when you don’t know what the hell your doing, which is my exact situation. I even enjoyed the questions that were put into the thought process, very fun.

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Link: VisualTherapy

Ferrari and BMW Sportscar Concept Studies by Iranian Designer Emil Baddal

Emil Baddal is an Iranian designer who has put together an interesting portfolio of vehicles. These are the two designs which I really liked, nobody would think that these designs aren’t from a firm based out of Europe or the US. I really like the beemer, its better looking then the revised M1 that they came up with last year. I really think that BMW could take some points from Emil in design a monstrous super car that can handle. With Ferrari this would be one hell of a divertion from their designs, I think they could only benefit from this difference in design, it spices thigns up.

Thanks Camil

Link: CarScoop

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