Wet and Wild Desert Kings 2 Jokers

I was just reading through Uptill1.com and I came across the new Desert Kings 2 Jokers video, this time its wet and wild. This is from the drivers of GulfRun, seems like they are keeping themselves busy this summer and some of those water tricks would cause me a ridiculous amount of pain. The editing and production work is from Negativeffects, just as great as the last video, these guys were really riding the wake. I was wondering what they were doing when I saw them out by the water, now it makes complete sense.

Now with all these cool videos, I want to see some more work, maybe some more action in the water. My favorite parts are always the bloopers, there had to be a few of them in water, keep up the great work.

Iceberg Water Climber

This is a gigantic inflatable iceberb which you can enjoy in the ocean. Just look at it I want to jump off the top of it. Three sides of it are climable with varying levels of difficulty and a giant slide on one side, its made from high grade DTEX PVC so it would be popping very easily. I just wonder how much shipping will cost for this thing.

Price: $6475

Link: Amazon