Batman Dark Knight Batarang

I have always been a fan of Batman, especially from the comics, but with Christian Bale they took it from another level. I don’t know how many times I have seen Batman Begins or Dark Knight, but what I do know is that I can still watch them again and again. They really brought across the tough and dark side of Batman who goes through his on trial to become the hero he must be.

Coming across the Batarang at The Nobel Collection store was a surprise, I pass by this store a couple of weeks ago so seeing it right there in front of me was a surprise. I didn’t even think twice, I grabbed it to see what it was made out of, then I opened the case and it seemed to be the genuine piece. After looking it and admiring I had to have it, I placed on a shelf next to my DVDs and Blu Rays but I really have to find the right spot for it.

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PSE TAC-15, Tactical Assault Crossbow

TAC-15 ‘Tactical Assault Crossbow’, the sort of crossbow designed for when aliens invade from another dimension. It actually replaces the upper receiver from an AR-15 so you can swap between assault rifle and crossbow with a little tinkering. The payoff is at the end when they sell you that it comes with a picatinny rail system. For, you know, when you need a grenade launcher on your crossbow.

I don’t know anything about crossbows, all I know is that I want this weapon with every fiber of my being. I think that because I am a man I want this weapon of choice, a powerful weapon which requires intense skills and precision to be able to use it, yet you think you are Rambo when you have this in your possession. I don’t know the reason this weapon would invoke such feelings, but it would be great to have, who cares about customs, there has to be a way to bring it through the borders.

Link: BoingBoing

Remote Control Paintball Turret

A custom made double barreled paintball gun, sitting on top of a mechanized pitch and yaw mount bolted to a big tripod.

A camera mounted on top with shots powered by CO2 with 200 rounds on top. You can control it from 8 meters away, so you can hide while shooting.

Imagine taking out all the kids on the block without having to see them with ample amounts ammo. You can really terrorize the neighborhood and other areas, there is even a possiblity of mounting this to the bed of truck.

Link: OhGizmo