White Collar Season 3

Neal Caffrey and Agent Burke are at it again, the show picks up from last season and does not disappoint at all. If you haven’t seen this show then you are missing one of the great ones. This time around Agent Burke suspects Neal of stealing the Nazi Art stash, he doesn’t believe it to be destroyed. Each episode is thrilling with bits of Neal and Burke dancing around each other, and Neal in personal dilema, he doesn’t know what he wants, his current life or the one last great steal. The last episode sums up with an epic ending leaving you wanting season 4 to start right away, what a great season.

TV Overdose


This weekend consisted of a lot of TV time, I really didn’t move much, except when it was time to eat, I was completely and utterly lazy but I did catch up on a lot of online content and managed to work on a few Mecha/Robot Models that I had ordered a while ago.


  • White Collar – Finished up the last 6 episodes of Season 2 and the first episode of Season 3 which was impressive
  • The Event – Going through it like a marathon, this show is really good and I know NBC cancelled it but I hope that Syfy does save it, its turning out to be a very good show
  • The Office – Watched Season 2 and half way through Season 3, I can’t get enough of Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute! The Season ended so I started back from the beginning
  • The Penguins of Madagascar – ITS HILARIOUS!

About to start watching Stargate Universe and Camelot. SGU ended which saddens me since I’m a huge fan of the Stargate Series, and Camelot is the forgotten brother of The Borgia and Game Of Thrones but seems very interesting. Now there are some good shows coming up this summer, I can’t wait for Eureka and other good shows this summer.

The TV Shows


The summer shows are always light and fun, some actions, some sci fi, a little thriller, a great combination of shows for the summer. The only one I’m watching that isn’t part of the summer line up is Spartacus which is drawing me but not as a good as I expected, enjoying the action the graphics are a little over the top and not enough story to bite into. But the rest are the usual great shows, I just can’t get enough of Eureka, Royal Pains, and Lie to Me.

The Shows

  • Lie to Me
  • White Collar
  • Eureka
  • Spartacus
  • Royal Pains
  • Warehouse 13


White Collar

Neal Caffrey is a con-man who was captured after a three-year game of cat-and-mouse. With three months left while serving a four-year sentence, he escapes from a maximum security federal prison to find Kate, his ex-girlfriend. Peter Burke, the FBI agent who captured Caffrey, catches him again. This time, Caffrey gives Burke information about evidence in another case; however, this information comes with a price: Burke must have a meeting with Caffrey. At this meeting, Caffrey proposes a deal: he will help Burke catch other criminals as part of a work-release program. Burke agrees, after some hesitation. Within a day of being released from prison, Caffrey already lives in one of the most expensive houses in Manhattan, after persuading an elderly widow to rent him her guest room. After catching the elusive Dutchman, Caffrey has proven to Burke that he will help him, and that he will not try to escape again. However, at the same time, Caffrey is still looking for Kate, who he believes is in trouble.

A crime drama from USA Networks with nice combination of action, tension, and comedy that I wasn’t expecting. Caffery is the magical con artist who helps the FBI with their cases in odd ways, he sees what these law men can’t see and does want they can’t do. At the same time he has the straight cut Burke on his case all the time but the combination of the two characters is good. At first I wasn’t sure about the show, it had a bit of an odd but entertaining start but the story just kept getting better and better, with a larger picture inside each episode being pieced together while they handle their current case which usually ends at the end of an episode. The show really gets going after a few episodes and should be added to your watch list, I hope they continue at this pace.

Link: USA Network
Link: Wikipedia