WIMD – Constant Service


With the introduction of Zain’s 4G Router people had options for their homes and remote locations. 4G has drastically changed people’s options, even with the caps it isn’t too bad. But at this point the links have gotten somewhat saturated still it’s faster then land lines, you get between 10 to 20 MB on a constant level when nobody’s online you might get 25 to 30 MBs.

For my case I can only get up to 0.5 MB on my land line so that isn’t an option and fiber has been promised since 2008 and I wouldn’t be holding my breath for that. WIMD has been the best and most consistent option for me, they are company who are genuinely trying to improve their services.

I have had a 20 MB subscription with them since they first opened over a year and a half ago and after about a year it would get as far as 14 MB and wouldn’t come close to 20 MB. That was after February when my subscription was renewed. The service would go down every once in a while but no longer then 30 minutes at most and their support is very responsive. But that happens at most once a week sometimes the whole month is fine.

In June of this year I was contacted by WIMD Sales for my 20 MB Subscription to reduce it to the 15 MB Subscription since they couldn’t retain the 20 MB Speed, and they refunded my the difference right away, even discounting the period from February until June which is very surprising for an ISP. So instead of the 1250 KWD that I paid, they refunded me the difference of 400 KWD down to 850 KWD even though it has been four months since the subscription started. Then on top of that since June onwards my connection which would hit between 16 to 18 MB on downloads consistently without any issues.

They do have some technical issues but they are working through it and the issues aren’t repeated, they are growing their bandwidth because the service speeds in my case has improved. And their service has been constant, unlike what I have seen from Mada who came out strong out of the gate but invested in the wrong technology and failed to improve upon it, ending up with some very crappy services. In my opinion WIMD has excellent service and for some people I know they have had bad experiences because of their location, but in my case honestly it has been fantastic and I hope they keep this up and gain more subscribers because of it.

WIMD Support Services – How Support Should Be

During the orange storm that took place on Tuesday something happen to my internet connection, the weather condition doesn’t have an effect on the Wifi connection, the only issue is that if the equipment wasn’t bolted down correctly then the wind can move it slightly. I came back home to find that my internet connection was 1 to 2 MB. Luckily I had a good supply of shows to watch but surfing the net was painful. When you get used to highspeed anything else is just very very painful, so from 20 MB to 1.5 MB drove me nuts. I called up their support department, notified them of the issue, they went through the usual checks and said there was something unusual going on and an engineer would be dispatched by tomorrow afternoon which I thought was perfectly fine.

Next Wednesday afternoon I get a call from the engineer he said he will check the physical connection and get back to me. After three hours I get a call from the guy that he tweaked it and worked on it until he got it back to 12-14 MB which is the max he could get it working stably. He said he needs to come back with another engineer and test the receiving tower as well, he said he promised to get it back to 20 MB. I liked how he was very nice, called me when had a full update and didn’t just leave, he gave me a really good fix and verified that there was a major problem but he hasn’t figured what the main problem was but found a quick fix until the next day.

Then Thursday morning he was back and working at it with another engineer and he brought a spare transmission unit just in case mine was faulty. With the other transmission engineer and their support center they kept testing until they found the best work around solution. It seems something was interfering with the signal and I got really affected by it. They used the current equipment and didn’t need to replace it, but the great part is they had it with them. I tested the speed as soon as I got home got some very good numbers, even got about 2.4 Mbps for my download speed from the server which was insane. Excellent service, quick and consistent and this isn’t the first time I have an issue and they really get to it in a timely manner. This is the type of service that companies should follow.

WIMD – A Little While Later

After a few months of use I have had a good experience with WIMD overall, it hasn’t gone south like a lot of people were worried about. But they are taking steps to make sure their service remains top notch. I hope they stick to the no capping rule, I have been downloading consistently and getting speeds from 1.4 to 2.1 MB depending on what I am download, shows that took 50 mins now download in less then 4 to 7 mins. Gaming has gotten a lot better as well, I am playing multiplayer without any issues at all, I just did a huge XBox update within mins, before I would wait for over an hour to finish the update.

Recently they are adding people very slowly, I think it is good for their current customers. I know it can be frustrating for new customers but they are taking it slowly and not over subscribing people. The current wait time is between 1 to 2 months and I honestly can’t blame them, they are being patient adding customers so they don’t flood themselves. What I liked also is that when I spoke to their customer service center they do admit their is a problem instead of telling you to reset your modem multiple times before they tell you the truth which has happened with a few ISPs before. They say there is a problem and it will take a day to fix since it is new to them, they aren’t a full ISP, they are like a learning ISP and their honesty is refreshing. Overall I am very happy with their service and recommend it to people. Keep in mind that if you have high speed connectivity through a land based or fiber connection that is always preferable but if you are like me with a crappy land connection then WIMD is an excellent option, the only limitation is the matter of LOS which line of sight to their tower. I think recently they have been charging people to do a sight survey in people’s homes but I don’t think that is right, I think they should offer it without it but those are in need would pay for it, but I’m not sure what the cost of the sight service is.

WIMD Internet @ Home

I’m one of those people who are always skeptical about what companies say, so when WIMD was offering high speed wireless connectivity to homes I wasn’t sure what to expect from them. I spoke to an engineer and sales person, they basically said they would bring the equipment, connect it and try it out before they would bill me. The engineers came about 4 days later, they started installation, they had a few initial issues but after a few hours everything was ironed out. They use a consumer grade Cisco router that you can buy from any electronics shop like XCite in Kuwait but the Wireless Broadband is through Proxim.

They are using Wireless Broadband technology which has been tried and tested for a while now. It is excellent but there a few minor drawbacks, one of the major ones is that it isn’t consistent. So even if you have a 10 MB connection it can be 10 MB then drop to 4MB then back up to 8 MB then back to 10MB again, its just the reality of the Wireless Broadband Solution, but overall any speed even if it isn’t consistent is better then 1 MB. In my case it hit 20 MB so I went for the 20 MB package without a thought, I live off the internet and now I shall be very happy.


  • Line Of Sight (Your house has to be visible to One of Their Towers)
  • Close to a Tower (They have lots of Towers)
  • You can mount a small tower to the exterior of the house

They are using Qualitynet as their backend provider, I think or hope they would expand on that. Now that people are starting to find out about them and they have coverage around Kuwait I hope they can still manage to provide the speeds they have promised even when their subscriber base increase dramatically.

Link: WIMD


  • 6 MB – 325
  • 7 MB – 355
  • 8 MB – 390
  • 9 MB – 473
  • 10 MB – 523
  • 11 MB – 590
  • 12 MB – 660
  • 13 MB – 730
  • 14 MB – 800
  • 15 MB – 870
  • 16 MB – 940
  • 17 MB – 1010
  • 18 MB – 1080
  • 19 MB – 1150
  • 20 MB – 1220