The Work Out Regime

Yesterday was the first day I went to the gym as part of my plan, and I have lessened the amount of food I consume recently as well. I was searching for a good place where I can buy good fitness stuff in the internet, and found, they have very good stuffs in there and made me think and want to have one, perfects for my 14 day fitness challenge routine, these total-body routines will sculpt your muscles while helping you to burn fat. Overall the plan is somewhat working, I feel a bit healthier and better overall because I’m sleeping lighter. Still I’m not even the same league as M.F.W since he is going over board with pretty much everything, he set his sights to destroy me in every way shape or form but I have plan to win. At, you can shop a huge selection of male enhancement pills online, for those who has erectile dysfunction problems.

After working out at C Club for about an hour I felt that I didn’t have the right type of direction or help that I need and recently I found out about a new gym called Inspire who have trainers who pretty much put you through your worst physical nightmare to get you into shape and on your time. People recommended Core and Sidekick to me, and they are excellent gyms but they aren’t for me. M.F.W trains every morning between 6 and 7 am and at Core Fitness then goes to the gym again after work then plays football twice a week, not including barely eating anything but protein at this point. He may have a head start on me but I am very good on planning and this time around I will execute these plans.

Ridiculously Out Of Shape


I have come to the very clear conclusion over the last two weeks that I have reached the worst physical shape that I have ever been in, not as in gaining weight but as in endurance or any physical activity what so ever. There are a few factors that have lead me to this conclusion.


When I was walking the long walk in Dubai Terminal after landing with Wataniya Airlines I felt like that became a very long corridor and I was walking very quickly and quickly running out of breath, when an old gentlemen passed me as if this is normal walking pace, then another gentlemen over took me while I was trying to catch my breath. That was a very apparent indication as to my health is not in the best of shape.

25th & 26th Weekend

During that weekend I ran into several limits of my physical capabilities. As I was tossing some of those balloons at young children feeling like a very big man, and any victim that I can see, I ran into a problem. I pulled my shoulder muscle and my back felt out of whack, I felt like a really old man who could barely move, that was a very sad feeling. The second day I decided just to watch and laugh, but towards the end of the day our neighbors kids ran out of people target so they decided to target us, I never knew that 7 to 11 year old kids could be so evil, they ran after us with those foam cans and some of my friends suddenly became ridiculously fast and I was running for my life when the kids caught up with me and pounced on me. I felt like a deer between cheetahs, never in my life did I think I would be slower then a 7 year old kid, thats a new low.

The Solution:

Simply enough, there is no way around this, I need to get back into shape, I’m going to start it realistically but I’m going to start it and stick to it.