Shooting Range!

I just went with a bunch my friends to the Kuwait shooting range. I never really cared for guns, but having nothing to do lead me to try it out. And I really enjoyed it! You can different types of guns, and each gun has a different cost, and they only give you a limited amount of bullets. Your really wont have a problem with the amount of bullets unless you are really trigger happy!

The gun I used was a .40 caliber, and it was good. But its difficult to aim if you’ve never shot before! It keeps jolting up, the recoil is strong in this one! This gun with 20 bullets cost about 7KD and another 20 bullets cost you 7KD.

The gun with 40 .40 caliber bullets.


The gun with two magazines loaded! I thought it was getting hard to push the bullets in!


And this is what you get to shoot!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. guns are scary zouki! becareful you dont shoot yourself by mistake hehehehe

  2. I miss that place! I havne’t been there in a long time! I think I should hit it up sometime soon!

  3. Honestly i think its a good place to chill and have a good time with friends.. I usually kill a few hours of the day there!
    Sometimes I just dont feel like going out and stuff, but this place is a nice break!

  4. I want to go there NOW and blow some steam!

    It would be a good place if your pissed off and want to imagine your fucking boss!

  5. It sure is a good way to blow off some steam and if you take your time and enjoy the place you could spend the day there! Try different guns at different distances in different lanes on different targets! :P

  6. I agree with Stallion! It is a good place to blow off steam. I started to go, and now i think im addicted! I got some good music inside the earmuffs they give us! hehehe.. I dont think I would ever buy gun, wouldnt one around. But its fun as hell to shoot one!!!

  7. holla

    hey marzouq m8 i followed your link here form mark’s. where is this shooting range? i want to go shooting sometime but i haven’t been in kwuait long so i wouldn’t know where to go.

  8. Its next to naady al furoosia! I will get a map and map it out for you if you want.. that area is a bit confusing!

    Its just off of the Sixth ring road! I will make another post.. and post their phone number with directions! if that helps!

  9. holla

    yeah that would be awesome thanks a bunch :)

  10. Sharaf

    I ve never been there. bUt soon ill be there for chill out..
    I used air guns but its not that effective ….
    I’ll try soon …
    very excited… :-)

  11. Sharaf

    If any one can help…

    I need to know where is this place in Kuwait…
    Plzz do reply on my id
    [email protected]
    Thank you

  12. SanTiaGo

    Esalam 3alaikom …Good choice of gun ;) H&K …I miss going to that place since i came back to UK and it sucks here its hard to find shooting ranges and through visiting many shooting ranges around the world consider kuwaits one of the best ;)…Ya Ananiya its an excellant place to go too when your pissed off ! Its also a great place to gather around with friends its calm and theres not much people there ..Thanks for posting this topic, i was searching kuwait shooting range and saw this site :) ..C u guys

  13. Shae

    Where is this shooting range? I want to go some time.

  14. Shae

    Where is this shooting range?

  15. Shae: It is in Sabhaan, I will get more details on it later, it seems there is interest for it

  16. joey

    suck they don’t have an m1911a1 there.

  17. Gibbaan

    Just had a go with a glock and a rifle.Got bulls-eye with 7/10 shots with the rifle.Cool place.

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