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Shooting Range!

I just went with a bunch my friends to the Kuwait shooting range. I never really cared for guns, but having nothing to do lead me to try it out. And I really enjoyed it! You can different types of guns, and each gun has a different cost, and they only give you a limited amount of bullets. Your really wont have a problem with the amount of bullets unless you are really trigger happy!

The gun I used was a .40 caliber, and it was good. But its difficult to aim if you’ve never shot before! It keeps jolting up, the recoil is strong in this one! This gun with 20 bullets cost about 7KD and another 20 bullets cost you 7KD.

The gun with 40 .40 caliber bullets.


The gun with two magazines loaded! I thought it was getting hard to push the bullets in!


And this is what you get to shoot!