World Memory Challenge

I tried this today and I got a low score!!! The point of the game is to try to memorize pictures and put them in the right order or to try to memorize names and faces, and then match the names and faces! It sounds easier then it is. I did what I do best. I was concentrating the first minute, and then suddenly I just kept clikcing skip skip skip! hehehehe! Try it out Link

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yazeed


    how much u got
    although i got bored at the end and fucked it up

    i just wanna know if its good or not :)

  2. sanfranni

    cough cough GEEK cough

  3. I got 10671.. i also screwed it up in the end!

    Hey sanfranni.. take the test and lets see how u do!!

  4. Yazeed

    and i thought i had a bad memory
    too bad it doesnt come in handy in school

    and yo franni…nothing franni (wink)

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