Twist on Justice..

So I found this piece of news on bbc which I found to be extremely interesting..

I wont really say much about it, just read it and comment if you want.. I couldnt choke my laughter when i read it! hehehehe

Oh yes, goats are involved!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yazeed

    omg, la oo difa3 mahar ba3ad!!!!
    shit, thats funny

  2. the11thmuse


  3. Mansour

    she must be very pretty LOL

  4. omg that is sooooo funny!

    poor goat!

    i wonder if he used a condom!

  5. Q80Warlock

    Talkabout beastiality lol…

    I heard some people do it with chickens, we all know what older sea travellers used to do.

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