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Riding Around!

So I wanted to do something different this weekend. Didnt feel like traveling, didnt feel like going to the shalaihaat, and i wanted to avoid traffic and crowds! So I just really limited my options at that point! I wanted to relax and weather was soooo damn good! But my answer came a couple of days before the weekend! My bike finally arrived. It was supposed to arrive end of december but there were delays from this and that, and then customs took their time. But I got the bike at last (even though it was a month and a half late!). I’ve been riding for a few years and i love it! But I learned to ride in California, so its a biiittt different here! hehehe..

It was friday morning the weather was perfect, it was 16 C outside. I put my gear on. (I always wear gear). Helmet, Gloves, Jacket, and Bike boots. I wear jeans which do the job! So I have sufficient protection to go on this little adventure of mine. I also have my cell phone in my pocket, and my wallet. I also have a nice selection of music in my iRiver mp3 player. And yes i can ride and listen to music at the same time! Its the same concept as driving and listening to music, but you have to make sure your senses are set to high! Gotta keep my eye out for women driving SUVs and people oblivious to other people on the road (especially bikes)! hehehehe

And for those of you wondering at this point, yes I have a motorcycle license!! I went through the hoops to get the license, but thats another experience to write about at a different time! So I started off riding in Shuwiekh al-Sena3eyah, and I took the first ring road to the second ring road until the gulf street, then i went left to souq sharq.. but I kept going past it til the end, and thats where I took some photos!


And then I went back down the gulf road going back in the other direction! Did I mention friday morning there was little to no cars on the road, which made the ride fantastic and extremely enjoyable!! Didnt have to worry about bad drivers! I just had to worry about this bike’s manners! hehehe So at this point in time im riding for about 30 mins going between 80 to 100 kph.. taking it easy and enjoying the breeze. Then I stopped at the scientific center and took some more photos! Lots of kids playing around with their families on these four wheel bikes! It was cool! I had to be nice and drive slow since I wanted to park on the side walk! hehehe.. at first some parents were giving me dirty looks, but the kids liked the bike so they loosened up a bit, and were being nice! hehehe





From there I went to get a haircut, and a cold bottle of water! And so I went and got a shave and cut! I like it simple and easy to maintain! lol From there I went to Marina Mall for quick Frapachino before going back to park my bike next to allllll the other Harleys! They always travel in groups!! I think thats the best idea, and the safest to travel in groups! Because people are more aware of groups! But I dont have group, and im still gonna ride!!! hehehe.. anywayz got my frapachino and went back to my bike.. cooled off a bit, then I went back home around 2pm.. had lunch and felt good! Cuz I still had  a lot left to the day!



Hey if anyone sees me on the road! Wave.. say heellloooo! :D