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Decisions .. Decisions!

This has been going through my head after having a talk with a couple of friends discussing the reality of working in Kuwait.

There is always someone taking a little snip out the income to fluff their pockets, and if you knew what would you do?

In government jobs its a given to skim from the top, and bottom! Just look at Kuwait Airways!

So if you knew someone in the company who was skimming a good amount from the company’s income, not enough that it would affect the company but enough to make the person’s life very comfortable. Would you fire the person? Or if your working in the company would you report the person?

Ok so here’s the same scenario with a different twist! You have the same person skimming a little off the top like about 30’000KD a year, but he brings in about 400’000KD a year in business, and you have a person bringing in 100’000KD a year but he isnt skimming anything at all. Who do you want working for you? The decisions isnt so easy!

Just a few things we were discussing! It isnt so easy to make a decision when your in this situation.