Decisions .. Decisions!

This has been going through my head after having a talk with a couple of friends discussing the reality of working in Kuwait.

There is always someone taking a little snip out the income to fluff their pockets, and if you knew what would you do?

In government jobs its a given to skim from the top, and bottom! Just look at Kuwait Airways!

So if you knew someone in the company who was skimming a good amount from the company’s income, not enough that it would affect the company but enough to make the person’s life very comfortable. Would you fire the person? Or if your working in the company would you report the person?

Ok so here’s the same scenario with a different twist! You have the same person skimming a little off the top like about 30’000KD a year, but he brings in about 400’000KD a year in business, and you have a person bringing in 100’000KD a year but he isnt skimming anything at all. Who do you want working for you? The decisions isnt so easy!

Just a few things we were discussing! It isnt so easy to make a decision when your in this situation.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. give the guy who is skimming 30k a year, a 30k increase in his salary. tara il qana3a ra7a :)

    or even better, dont pay him, pay hm by commision, if hes real good in getting in money, he’ll get better!

  2. Wish it worked that way.. What if it isnt a sales job! U can really only calculate commision based on direct sales.. so it would be difficult to do!

  3. make him feel guilty about it then give him a raise

  4. If a person brings in 400,000kd, it will show in the yearly bonus. People wouldnt skim off the top if they were being watched AND people would work harder if they knew they would be rewarded.

  5. The basic definition of business, is to do work expecting profit in return, The person skimming off 30000 KD is giving you 370000KD profit per year, the other person who is giving you 100000 KD per month is actually then contributing 130000KD for the company, My advice would have to be give the second person a raise to motivate him to do more, and leave the first person as he is right now, but with some tighter observation. Since the company is benefiting more than it is losing. Remember firing the person who is giving u great income is not a solution, fire him and the 400000 Disappear (especially if he is getting him from his contacts, lose him you lose them)

    Back to basic business, there are a million ways to earn a million dollars, you just have to find the most effective plan to reduce cost and increase profit.

  6. Fractal: True fractal but when Im saying is this is the reality of business in Kuwait in a lot of situations!

    KtheKuwaiti: It isnt as easy as that, it would work that way if it was an ideal working enviroment, and some people still take money even if they are being watched, but then again it isnt an ideal corporate enviroment!

  7. amer

    Fire the son of a bitch — dont forget in the end youre gonna be judged by yourself and by God – the chickens will come home to roost one day. If you did nothing knowing a wrong was being perpetrated you are as guilty as the aggressor.

    In life you can’t justify negative actions or bahaviour, cause when you do that that’s the first step to justifying other, larger and more harmful things.

    Make a little bit less – you’ll sleep better at night and you know that religiously you are doing the right thing.

    No one does the right thing – in this case forfeiting extra income due to corruption – without that person being blessed by God for doing the right thing.

    Give up this thief. Who knows? You might get someone who is clean that makes you KD 500,000.

    But being Kuwait….If you are desperate to have the thief then make a contract with him and include that in his bonus without having him “cook the books.” You have to legalize it.

  8. we need young women at work! ok ananyah your gonna get hired! lol

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