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After going to multiple shops in Kuwait, and trying to come up with the best Home Theatre setup that I can afford, and one that can last me a while with out any upgrades! I went to Panasonic in Salmiya, and they had all the Denon Equipment, which was what I wanted to look at. But the problem I faced was uninformed sales people. Which causes me to doubt their capabilities. The person who is usually at the reciever section wasnt available at the time, so there wasnt anyone to answer my questions. So I was skeptical about them.

After doing a little research I found a place that was only for home theatres and home theatre equipment. The company is called ETC, and the owner is Nasser Al Shallal, great guy to talk to. He is completely into his equipment and he has a very nice setup. And has a lot of high quality items such as, Meridean Speakers, Mirage Speakers, Onkyo Recievers, Ready Home Theater setups, different types of projectors, plamsa screen mounts (the ones that swivel around completely), tables to place equipment or plasma screens, and he also has a few theatre rooms setup. When I was sitting in one of the theatre rooms he started playing the last battle seen from Lord of the Rings III. I completely forgot why I came, I just sat there watching the scene that I have seen many times and got lost watching it! It was fantastic! I felt like a complete idiot when he switched the lights back on! lol. Even his cabling is high quality, because a lot places get the equipment without quality wires!

For the screen I had to take two things into consideration, the room is originally a dewaneya but nobody uses it. And there is light coming in from the outside during the day. I didnt want a projector because it would take a lot of work to mount it with all the required wiring. The other thing is that the projector screen isnt clear if there is any light in the room. So I was left with two choices DLP or Plasma, and was leaning towards plasma because I wanted something thin and large. But I wanted to check out the DLPs for the sake of price. And I went around looking at different DLPs and the Sony 60″ DLP turned out to be the clearest but it cost 1500KD at the Sony Store and they really dont take much of the price! When I went to Centro in Kuwait City I saw the Samsung 50″ Plasma and it was priced at 1450KD and they offered it to me at 1350KD and it looked damn clear so I went with it!

How to get to ETC:

Take the third ring road going towards Shuwiekh, as soon as you enter Canada Dry street make the first right after the car washes (Safi) on the right.

Then at the intersection there is a new building towards the right side, make a right, then a left into the building and you will find ETC inside. And there is parking lot. They are open 9:30am to 12:00pm, and from 5:00pm until 10:00pm.
I burned a couple of 24 DVDs Season 5 to watch downstairs and to test it out after getting everything setup. And it was fantastic! I never thought the ticking in the beginning of 24 would sound so good. And everytime there was an explosion the room would shake a bit! It also helps that I am in the basement out of everyone’s way.




Samsung Plasma 50″

Model # PS50P5HX/HSQ

Cost: 1350 KD






Mirage HDT-F (Left, Right, and Center)

Cost: 500 KD
Manufacturer Link




Onkyo TX-NR900

(The link is the specs of the US Version. I got the Japanese one, but the specs are all in Japanese)

Cost: 720 KD

Manufacturer Link



Mirage OM-200

Cost: 320 KD

Manufacturer Link

The comfortable seating that I managed to make! I modified the dewaneya a bit, and I made really comfortable just to sit and watch movies!

Im currently watching Prison Break and 24, Battle Star Gallactica, Stargate Atlantis, and huge amount of anime!!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. amer

    very nice set up – samsumg is good but if you watch satellite look closely at the faces of the peeps onscreen – the shar focus wavers back and forth according to their movement – something to watch out for

  2. i will keep that in mind! but i havent seen anything bad from it yet!

  3. 1350 for a 50 inch ? tatz all ?

    i gave tat much for a 42 inch philips….

  4. Where are your rear speakers ??? you can’t have a true home theatre system with out the rear speakers

  5. sweet set up… So, how much did the whole thing cost u ? (am too lazy to add tat up)

  6. amer

    does someone here use a SONY BRAVIA LCD – any firt hand comments on that?

  7. lol!

    I have the Sony Bravia 32″ LCD in my bedroom.. it is crystal fucking clear! God damn i luv it! I have my pc, ps2, and satellite connceted to it! damn clear!

  8. Vine: total 3890 KD

    fractal: I want to make sure what my setup is going to be before I buy rear speakers,because I wanted to change the seating around a bit. So I will wait on it a bit!

  9. amer

    i have a pristine new wallace and gromit DVD – call me and we can watch it at my place – kids wanna see you anyway

  10. ananyah: If you can get around the reptilian security, then its yours! lol! IF!

    Mark: I saw the sunfire over at Panasonic, but like I said before it was about the service at the time. Your guy wasnt there so I was getting pissed not getting any answers! So I went with the Onkyo, since it had all the connections that I wanted with the power to the speakers. So I was happy about it. Do you know anyone that has the Sunfire? I will get the surround speakers in due time! Damn you guys are demanding!! lol

  11. im sure i can worm myself in when you least expect it heheheheh *me thinking of a plan!*

    but seriously its funky, I’ve picked my chair and il bring the popcorn over :D

    only if we can watch Prison Break over 24 :P

  12. lol! look at my post above! hehehe

    24 Is King!

  13. Frooky

    Damn zooky, EL SICK!!!! is it better than Bravia??

  14. on quality i still think the bravia is better!!

    only if it came bigger!!

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  16. Lana

    i have a question for you and i didn’t find a personal email. so, here i am.
    could you please help me?
    i want to buy an LCD tv and i am torn between these two:
    1- toshiba 42X3500
    2- samsung LA40N81

    so, what’s ur opinion on that ?

    Thank u

  17. Lana: I would go with the Toshiba if its Regza, a much better product!

  18. Lana


    Thanks Marzouq :)

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