Just One of those Days

So you know when just have one of those days where you dont feel like anything what so ever! Basically things were just not going your way! I went to the gym the night before, which I havent been to in months! The next day I was sore as hell! It kind of felt good! So I want to continuously work out now! (This will only last a couple of days, then I shall go back to being lazy! lol).

prisonbreakAlso so for these days I always have a reserve of shows and anime to watch. But thanks to Mark‘s recommendation to watch Prison Break I decided to download the whole first season, which is 13 episodes. And I burned the first four episodes to dvd and kept them on hand.
Anywayz I wanted to go out of the house at the same time I didnt want to do anything which involved much movement. So I decided to go over to my cousin’s house and I told him about the series and that got him interested. So I went over there, and I found that he had a lot of cookies which I automatically snatched up.

We popped in the DVD and started watching Prison break. I have to say that this is a fantastic series! I didnt think that it would be this interesting, I knew it was good but damn! All the characters are different. We watched four hours of it nonstop. We just kept eating dinner while watching it! And now Im going to burn all the episodes to DVD. I thought I would recommend it to people who havent seen it, and thank Mark for recommending it!

It’s Tuesday and Im still sore, but Im going to hit the gym! At least that’s what Im thinking before having lunch! hehe

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. They put it on tv the whole time here, but i just have got absoloutly no time to watch any of it.

    gonna burn it once I come to kuwait, my network in which im typing this from is like super monitored, they would eventually kick my ass (yes i admitt that wirless network admin at my uni).

    bet hes reading what im typing haha

  2. What the hell! They are watching your ass at uni! Which Uni is this?
    Get the torrents from starbucks and download it and watch it on your laptop if you got one!

  3. Fatality

    As per Marks recommendation I downloaded Prison break as well. Last weekend I watched episode 1 at about 12am I got instantly hooked… I watched the whole season LOL. Be Warned the season finale was such a BITCH, I was so disappointed!!

  4. i love this show! now i will never complain to you about 24 ever again since we actually agree on something now :P

  5. glory

    i ran into ur blog while i was looking 4 something else,and when i saw “prison break ” mentioned i coundn’t help my self …its the best show ever… only 13 episodes have been aired the rest 8 episodes will air mid march in the states…and the network didn’t decide yet on a 2nd season….just wanna share this bit wth u guys:))

  6. ooohhh!!! Thanks glory! That is great news! At least something too look forward too! I’ll be waiting for the torrents!

  7. Fatality I know what you mean, but Im gonna spread it out as much as I can! I just hope the final episode isnt as bad as you say! lol

    Ananyah you can enjoy this show, but 24 is still better! lol! Temporary Truce!

  8. there was a nice discussion on IMDB, Jack Bauer vs Michael Scofield, who would kick whos ass. Some people think Scofield might be able to outwit Jack while some people are using facts like the fact that Bauer killed 93 people in 4 days and so could easily take on both Scofield and his brother at the same time. one guy suggested 24 could merge with Prison Break and have Jack Bauer try to free Lincoln Burrows

  9. Looool! Thats fantastic idea.. but Scofield couldnt outwit Jack Bauer, When playing chess Jack Bauer thinks 24 moves ahead, so what would he do to Scofield!! hehehehe

  10. Heck Im gonna hook my laptop into my friend’s home server, he has cable internet, that shit aint funny, downloads at 890 kbps – 1200 kbps off peak hours, gonna do that for the whole series yippeeee :p

  11. It surely is an amazing show!

    I finished watching all the episodes yesterday afternoon! I have yet to see the “Prison Break : Behind The Walls” video!

  12. lol! ok so March 20th the Show continues!

  13. Fatality

    I swear to god! If i were jack bauer I’d recruit chuck norris and takeover the WORLD

  14. its a really good show, cant wait for it to be back!

  15. Fire*Star

    Where can I download the whole season 1 of prison break?? Sites pls… thanks

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