I was on Khalid Bin Abdulazziz where Mishref is on my right and Bayan is on my left. Just after getting off Malik Fahad I saw the traffic coming to a complete stop. And I took a few pictures of the accident, I dont know how it could have happened exactly, but it looks like the chevrolet caprice hit a tree and flipped over and hit the parked Suburban. There also two other cars which are damaged but I dont eve know how they got damaged. There were no police on the seen yet, but I took a couple of pics and left. I can only imagine what the hell happened.


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  1. you didn’t stop to help…. how mean are you! Imagine if I was trapped in that car.. you wouldn’t come rescue meeeeeee?

    *runs away and cries*

  2. From what I could tell three cars were empty, and one only did the damage. So the way it looked I probably couldnt have helped, and the best I could help was get out of the way for the authorities to be able to get there!

  3. Frooky

    Zook, change what? to EL What?!

  4. x men – R rated – nuff said:

  5. oooooh zouk.. he’s the one u told me about who puts EL infront of everything :P

    hallo Frooky

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