This Friday!


I had a lot of things planned out for this friday! Sooo many things I wanted to do! Let me give you guys an idea of what I wanted to do:

  • Get up in the morning and go riding for a couple of hours
  • Go to Al Fanar to return some shoes
  • Get a hair cut
  • Go to the gym
  • Maybe a Frapacino if I felt like it!

But I only managed to get a hair cut which I really wanted and I hit the gym because I knew I should! But I didnt do anything else because of the damn weather! What the hell is up with this weather! If its going to be hot it might as well be sunny! I woke up at 8 am on a friday! ON A FRIDAY!! Just so I can get a decent amount of riding in! Then I looked out the window and I was horrified by the sandstorm and windspeed!! And Friday is the only day I manage to get some riding in, between work, family, and friends! I know Im going off, but damn this sucks! lol

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. you have an active life man, im as boring as a dog’s arse compared to you

  2. I like moving around! If Im at home Im online, and if Im not online Im out and about!! lol

  3. Q8tech: Damn that guy got screwed!!! hahaha and nice job editing out the license plate number!!

  4. Haircuts always cheer me up, for some strange reason if I’m depressed I just go get a hair cut true I’ll regret it later on when I realize I miss my long hair but it’s the spur of the moment thing.

  5. marz….yeah…man you noticed that? I did that coz some privacy advocates may ask why I didnt blurred you know for them, its pretty easy to find out faults,

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