Out of control BMW

A friend of mine sent me this link about a BMW 318’s accelerator and he hit top speed and his brakes failed, but he survived! I was kind of shocked that happened. I dont want to give out details, but you can read the article:

Telegraph Link

What I would have done:

  • Not given a damn about the car, thrown it into neutrel and scrapping it against the barrier of the A1 to slow the car to a hault.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I heard that BMW’s are great but not that hot in Kuwait, too many problems and such :r

  2. I havent had any problems with mine, and I know a few people who have had theirs for years and no probs. Usually pretty solid. I heard about this type of problem happening in a Chevrolet Caprice a few years ago. A women went through the wall of her garage, but she was ok.

  3. Oh well Cars aren’t my thing, well if I like a car yea it’s my thing otherwise not as followed up as technology.

  4. you are supposed to put it to neutral, 2nd gear & finally 1st gear.

    It’s the same when your tires burst at high speed. Never press your brakes then.

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