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The Radar Project

So I have put some thought into this, but I want to help people out who drive quick. Sometimes you know the road is empty and you just want to go quicker, but you dont know where the damn cameras are. So I am going to try to do is get a digital map of quick and plot out every camera that I know of. And everyone of them at every intersection and highway, and side streets. Any info that you people can provide will be helpful. And I will try taking pictures of every camera. This is a big project that will take a little while, but at least it will be useful for people. And I will also mention if these cameras can be rotated back or forth.

The one problem I have is I do now know where to get a good map of Kuwait. Does anyone know where I can get a good digital map of Kuwait. I really dont mind paying for the map since people will get useful information out this! And I will keep people updated on this project! I hate cameras and this is what I am doing to thwart the camera system!